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United Airlines to Acquire Supersonic Aircraft by 2029 06/03/2021 - (Winston Shek) United has announced today that they plan to acquire 15 Boom Overture supersonic aircraft by 2029, with 35 more aircraft possibly on the way.
Man Arrested for Jumping Fence, Climbing Onto Plane in Las Vegas 12/12/2020 - (Emmett Chung) In a stranger-than-fiction tale, a mentally ill man snuck into the airport and onto a plane wing in Las Vegas today.
The Return of the MAX 8 09/16/2020 - (Kyle Jonas) Tests for the recertification of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 are starting around the world. How are the tests going and is the aircraft on track to return anytime soon? This is a look into the failed planes progress in its attempt to comeback.
Breeze Airways is Ready for Takeoff! 05/21/2021 - ( Staff) After much anticipation from aviation enthusiasts and airline analysts alike, Breeze airways has finally opened its website to sell tickets. Breeze is America's newest airline whose goal is to serve underserved routes for ultra-low prices. Their plan is to maximize their mark in the market by operating to smaller airports in order to lower expenses, then charge passengers fares as low as $40.
United Airlines Announces a Plethora of New Routes from Various Hubs 09/09/2020 - ( Staff) United Airlines recently released a cryptic promotional video on social media, challenging the public to guess which new long-haul routes the carrier could soon be launching. However, rather than cleanly revealing a list of clues, the video is instead a jumble of seemingly random facts, images, and numbers – so congrats to United for playing the game well. Despite this hardball approach United is using to get people to guess the routes, we have closely looked through the video, frame-by-frame, and interpreted a large amount of the data presented.
American Airlines to Open Flagship Lounges to Anyone ... For a Fee 09/15/2021 - (Daniel Mena) For some traveling aboard American Airlines, the travel experience just got a whole lot better. American Airlines just announced that they will be selling access to their Flagship Lounges, a move that enables general passengers to enjoy the enhanced ground product. However, access to the lounge will come with a high price tag.
Jetblue Adds 24 New Routes to Their Network 09/10/2020 - (Patrick Daly) Jetblue announced its plans to add 24 new routes Thursday morning.
FAA Grounds Certain 777-200s Following Incident in Denver 02/21/2021 - (Daniel Mena) Following yesterday's incident, where a United Airlines Boeing 777 suffered an engine failure after departure from Honolulu, the FAA declared that all Boeing 777s equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW4070 engines would be grounded until further notice. This would allow for a more thorough investigation in the matter whilst ensuring the safety of passengers on these aircraft.
JAL Offers "No Meal" Option 12/14/2020 - (Kyle Jonas) Japan Airlines has recently introduced a "No Meal" option for passengers on some flights in an effort to reduce waste. The first of its kind, JAL's "Ethical Choice" initiative allows passengers to opt out of receiving inflight meals before they board their flight.
Singapore Airlines and the Concorde: What Went Wrong? 03/24/2021 - (Vikas Anand) In the year 1977, British Airways wanted to expand its Concorde services eastwards and partnered with Singapore Airlines. This venture saw Singapore Airlines operate the Concorde from Heathrow to Singapore, via Bahrain. London Heathrow to Bahrain was already an existing route with British Airways using the Concorde. With the joint venture, the route got extended to Singapore. There were also plans to expand the route to Sydney, Australia. However, this never happened due to various reasons.
Southwest to Expand to ORD and IAH 10/12/2020 - (Kyle Jonas) Southwest Airlines has announced they will expand service to Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) and George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) in Houston. The expansion will happen in 2021 and was announced on October 12, 2020, on Southwest's Twitter.
Where We Think United Could Be Flying Next 10/13/2021 - (Daniel Mena) Earlier today, United Airlines released a video full of clues as to where their new routes may be. This article analyzes those clues and provides insights to where we think United might be flying next.
Alaska Airlines Temporarily Suspends Flights in Oregon, Washington 09/14/2020 - (Kyle Jonas) Alaska Airline has announced that all flights into and out of Portland, Oregon, have been suspended until 3 P.M. Tuesday, due to the growing smoke and low air quality caused by the wildfires sweeping the West Coast of the United States.
American Airlines Plans More Domestic, Less International Flights in 2021 12/24/2020 - (Emmett Chung) The world's largest airline is expanding its domestic network in a newfound competition with Southwest and JetBlue.
United Airlines Launches Ambitious International Route Portfolio 04/19/2021 - (Daniel Mena) As traveler volumes are beginning to return to normal and demand for international travel is gradually increasing, airlines are beginning to reinforce their international route networks in order to accommodate for the increases in demand. This morning, United Airlines announced three new international additions, which are planned to mainly target the vacation sector of the industry.
Singapore Airlines to Fly Hour-Long A380 Flights 10/18/2021 - (Jack Jarzynka) Singapore Airlines has confirmed that they will be utilizing the Airbus A380 superjumbo for flights from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur next month. The A380 will also be deployed on an "ad hoc basis" on flight routes SQ106 (SIN-KUL) and SQ105 (KUL-SIN) three times each week between November 4 and December 2, 2021.
Aeromexico Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 06/30/2020 - (Winston Shek) Aeromexico filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Click for a in-depth analysis on the situation.
Royal Air Maroc Lays Off 30% of Its Staff, Liquidates 20 Aircraft, Cancel Flights to South America 07/05/2020 - (Winston Shek) Royal Air Maroc will undergo a drastic restructuring of its operations to lessen the effects of the current financial situation. Among the efforts include laying off staff, liquidating its aircraft, and cutting routes.
737MAX to Return to Service on September 4 02/18/2020 - (Daniel Mena) United Airlines has just announced that they plan to return the 737MAX to service on September 4, 2020. American Airlines has extended their cancellation to August 18, but may continue to keep their MAXs out of service afterwards.
United Airlines Announces Routes to Amman, Mallorca, Bergen, Among Others 10/14/2021 - (Daniel Mena) United Airlines has announced 10 new routes from various hubs to seemingly random destinations.
FAA Chief Flies MAX and Gets Bill Approved 09/30/2020 - (Kyle Jonas) The chief of the FAA piloted the 737 MAX 8 on Wednesday among tests for the recertification of the aircraft. Additionally, a committee on the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill for reforms the FAA's certification process.
Lufthansa To Retire Long-Haul Aircraft and Shutter Its Subsidiary 04/07/2020 - (Winston Shek) Lufthansa will retire long haul aircraft and shutter its subsidiary, Germanwings. Which aircraft will be retired and what effect will this have on aviation? Click to find out.
Boeing 737MAX Returns to Service 12/30/2020 - (Emmett Chung) After an almost 2-year hiatus where the Boeing 737MAX was grounded due to safety issues related to an onboard computer, it returned to service early this week on December 28 and 29, 2020 on American Airlines flights from Miami to New York-LGA.
Air Canada 767 Makes Successful Emergency Landing in Madrid 02/03/2020 - (Daniel Mena) An Air Canada Boeing 767 had to make an emergency landing earlier today when it had an engine failure on takeoff. Air Canada Flight 837 began to circle the Spanish capital, releasing fuel to decrease landing weight. After nearly four hours, the aircraft finally landed back at Madrid-Barajas International Airport.
The Ultimate IAD Spotting Guide (2020 Edition) 07/22/2020 - (Daniel Mena) Bet there's a spot here you didn't know about!
South African Airways Close to Liquidation 04/19/2020 - (Kyle  Jonas and Winston Shek) According to multiple sources, South African Airways is nearing collapse. The carrier is currently in the process of laying off all of its staff. The move comes days after the government of South Africa cut off aid to South African Airways.
Boeing's 737MAX to Return Soon 10/28/2020 - (Kyle Jonas) The 737 MAX, an aircraft that has been grounded for over a year and a half, is expected to be clear to fly again in the coming weeks. The plane has already been deemed "good to go" by the E.U.'s aviation administration, and the FAA is expected to do the same shortly. Due to the fact that Boeing is an American company, the FAA must give their approval before the MAX can be officially ungrounded.
Onboard Flyr, the World's Newest Airline 07/26/2021 - (Sander Tomassen) Join me as I try the new Norwegian airline, Flyr!
The Airbus Beluga vs. The Boeing Dreamlifter 05/04/2021 - (Tyler Giunchi) What are the major differences between the Airbus Beluga and the Boeing Dreamlifter?
United to Modernize Their Fleet With the Acquisition of ES-19 Aircraft 07/13/2021 - ( Staff) Earlier today, United Airlines announced that they signed an agreement with Heart Aerospace, a Swedish aircraft producer hoping to take all-electric aircraft to the skies by 2026. United Express has agreed to take order of 100 of these ES-19 aircraft, set to arrive as early as 2026. The order is contingent on Heart Aerospace fulfilling all of United's energy and sustainability requirements prior to delivery.
United Airlines Fleet Expansion Prompts Dulles Airport to Propose Massive New Terminal Construction 07/06/2021 - (Daniel Mena) Last week, United Airlines announced that they would be purchasing over 270 new medium-haul aircraft as part of their "United Next" initiative. Also as a part of this campaign, the airline said that they plan to phase out their older, 50-seater aircraft such as the Mitsubishi CRJ-200 and Embraer E145. However, this will cause Washington Dulles to have to demolish their current regional A terminal and rebuild a new concourse to accommodate these new aircraft.
Delta Retires Entire 777 Fleet 10/31/2020 - (Patrick Daly) Today, Delta Airlines is set to retire the 777 aircraft from their fleet. The final flight will be from JFK to LAX.
United Airlines Orders 270 Boeing and Airbus Aircraft, Largest Order in the Airline's History 06/29/2021 - ( Staff) This morning, United Airlines announced their new "United Next" initiative, which included the purchase of over 270 medium-haul aircraft. The airline plans to increase the total number of domestic seats for mainline routes by more than 30% while at the same time minimizing carbon emissions. This comes as part of United's goal to become 100% eco-friendly by the year 2050.
Collins Aerospace Launches New Business Aviation Technology Hub 10/15/2021 - (Jack Jarzynka) Collins Aerospace is launching a new technology platform called Izon that integrates and streamlines business aviation services including flight planning, weather, fleet operations, and more. Izon combines multiple business aviation services that were once separate into one platform. The platform can be accessed by pilots, flight operators, and other operations staff. 
U.S. Bans Flights to Europe For Next Thirty Days 03/11/2020 - (Kyle  Jonas and Winston Shek) According to multiple sources, the U.S. will suspend flights to Europe for the next thirty days. President Trump has announced that there will be no air travel, including cargo, allowed between Europe and the U.S.
Spirit Airlines Implementing Wi-Fi on More Aircraft 09/10/2021 - (Brandon McLeish) Spirit Airlines and wifi are two things that may never come to mind, but it's soon going to be a reality. Find out more about it in this article.
U.S. Panel Bashes FAA and Boeing for Aircraft Design Flaws 09/16/2020 - (Kyle Jonas) Tests for the recertification of the 737 MAX 8 have recently begun around the world, and for the first time since the aircraft was grounded over a year ago there was hope that the plane would be flying again soon. Things were looking up for Boeing and it seemed as if the plane would be airworthy soon. That all changed this morning, when a report from the U.S. House panel slammed both Boeing and the FAA for design failures and lack of oversight that resulted in the crash of two aircraft, killing over 300 people and the grounding of over 400 737 MAX 8s.
Korean Air Reduces Flights Amid Coronavirus Outbreak 02/29/2020 - (Peter Lam) South Korea is the country that is the most affected by the novel coronavirus after mainland China. Because of this, airlines have been reducing and/or cancelling flights to the country. However the country's flag carrier, Korean Air, has changed their flight schedules to flights across the world.
Vancouver International Airport (Overview) 12/02/2020 - (Andy Zhao) Vancouver International Airport ( CYVR) is the second busiest airport in Canada behind Toronto Pearson International Airport ( CYYZ) in Toronto. It has more direct flights to China than any other airport in North America or Europe. Here is some information about the airport.
Why Louisville is Home to UPS's Worldport 05/02/2021 - (Tyler Giunchi) UPS worldport plays a vital role in the infrastructure of the company. So what is so important about it and why Louisville?
Three Passenger Air Canada Planes Transformed into Cargo Aircraft 04/11/2020 - (Daniel Mena) Air Canada announced this morning that they will transform three of their Boeing 777-300ERs into temporary cargo aircraft to transport vital supplies into Canada. The first aircraft is complete, with the next two aircraft being transformed soon.
Smooth Flying for the MAX? 10/09/2020 - (Kyle Jonas) A few months ago, things seemed hopeless for the 737 MAX. The MAX has been grounded worldwide for over fifteen months after two crashes that killed over 300 people. Since then, Boeing has been making adjustments to the plane, trying to get it recertified and deemed airworthy once again. Boeing has, of course, experienced difficulty during this time, with lawsuits, investigations, canceled orders, loss of customers, loss of trust, and to make matters worse, COVID-19. But now, as the MAX enters the final stages of the recertification process, it seems as if things may start going Boeing's way.
Afghanistan Falls to Taliban, Aviation Grinds to a Halt 08/16/2021 - (Jiahao Guo) The Taliban has retaken Kabul, leading to a massive disruption in aviation and a mad dash to evacuate from the city and country.
Eastern Airlines to Launch Chicago to Sarajevo Service 05/03/2021 - (Joshua Kupietzky ) U.S. carrier Eastern Airlines is launching its first ever route to Europe this summer. Beginning on May 28, the airline will fly between Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and Butmir International Airport in Sarajevo, Bosnia.
Washington Dulles Airport to Close Runway 1R/19L Until September 07/21/2020 - (Daniel Mena) Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some airports have took this opportunity to help renovate or grow their airport facilities.  Washington Dulles International Airport will close their Runway 1R/19L according to the FAA until September 3, 2020.
Airbus Halts A320 Production in Asia due to Coronavirus Precautions 02/08/2020 - (Daniel Mena) Airbus announced that they will be closing their Airbus factory in Tianjin, located in northeastern China, due to recently imposed travel bans due to the outbreak of 2019-nCoV, AKA Coronavirus.
United to Launch Daily Transcontinental Routes from JFK 11/10/2020 - (H S) After 5 years of absence, United Airlines plans to return to JFK. The inaugural flight is scheduled for February 1, and will fly from JFK to both Los Angeles and San Francisco.
TAP Air Banned from Venezuela for 90 Days 02/20/2020 - (Kyle Jonas) Portugal's national carrier, TAP Air Portugal, has been banned from flying to and from Caracas, Venezuela for 90 days. The ban comes after "serious violations of Venezuelan civil Aeronautics regulations."
Boeing 737MAX Officially Ungrounded 11/18/2020 - (Kyle Jonas) Today, the 737MAX has officially been ungrounded after just under 2 years, or roughly 20 months, of being out of operation. The MAX was banned worldwide in March of 2019, after two crashes caused by a software fault killed over 340 people. Since then, Boeing has been working to fix the issues, with many unsuccessful tests, as well as lawsuits and investigations. Boeing has finally succeeded and the FAA has deemed the aircraft safe to fly again, reinstating its certification of airworthiness, and allowing the plane to soar once again.
Las Vegas Airport to Be Renamed After Former Senator Harry Reid 02/18/2021 - (Emmett Chung) After years of debate, the airport is to be renamed and distance itself from controversial namesake Sen. Pat McCarran
JetBlue and American Airlines Announce More Details of Codeshare Partnership 01/21/2021 - (Emmett Chung) JetBlue and American Airlines have announced the latest updates and received Department of Transportation (DOT) approval for their new partnership. The new codeshare is expected to further round out American’s domestic network in regions of the country where it has a smaller influence such as the Northeast and will give more slots to JetBlue at busy airports like JFK.
Air France To Retire Its A380 Fleet 05/20/2020 - (Winston Shek) Air France will retire its fleet of A380's amid the COVID-19. With the anticipated drop in demand, Air France
AAL Announces Major Expansion from Various Hubs 02/08/2021 - (Emmett Chung) American Airlines has announced the latest in a series of aggressive hub expansions, this time from Miami.
Canadian Low-Cost Airline Flair Announces 5 New US Routes 07/28/2021 - (Aidan Collins) Beginning this October, Flair Airlines will begin a new series of routes in the United States. The CEO of Flair, Stephen Jones, is excited about the new opportunities that these routes hold.
Could There be a 787 or A350 Freighter?  04/13/2021 - (Arthur Chow) At the beginning of the 21st century, Boeing and Airbus revealed their latest products, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350XWB. Both airframes were built with over 50% of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) and gained more than 900 orders from worldwide customers. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines have been transforming their fleet into "Preighter" (Passenger Freighter) aircraft to support the demand for global express shipment of essential goods.
ANA 777 Suffers Engine Issues over Chicago 01/20/2021 - (Kyle Jonas) Japanese Airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) suffered an engine issue shortly after takeoff from Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Flight 8549 departed Chicago en route to Tokyo at around 3:48 p.m. but quickly reported vibrations coming from engine No. 1. According to ATC transmissions, the left engine of the Boeing 777 was idle.
OPINION: Justin Trudeau has Failed Canada's Airlines 04/03/2021 - (Brandon Siska) At the start of 2020 things looked promising. Swoop would be launching flights to Winnipeg in the summer, WestJet would be flying to Calgary a record 6x a day, Air Canada would be reinstating their 767s on the YYJ-YYZ route as well as the prospects of new airlines landing at YYJ! Unfortunately in March 2020 things took a turn for the worst.
Delta One on the 757 vs 767: A Comparison 07/19/2021 - (Davis Turner) I recently flew Delta One on both the 757-200 and 767-300ER and had drastically different experiences. In this article, I compare both flights and look at the factors that swayed my opinion.
Spotting Guide for DEN 2020 09/16/2020 - (Caleb Fleming) Spotting Guide for Denver International Airport
Etihad Becomes First Airline to Have all Crewmembers Vaccinated 02/12/2021 - (Patrick Daly) Emirates has become the first major airline to have all of their cabin crew vaccinated for the Coronavirus.
Jetblue Unveils New A321LR That Will Operate to London Flights 09/25/2020 - (Patrick Daly) Jetblue has today unveiled their new A321LR that will operate the airlines new London route next year.
Ryanair to Deliver 16 Lawsuits Over Selective Government Subsidies 02/17/2021 - (Kyle Jonas) Ryanair will be challenging the European Union's General Court and appealing to the European Court of Justice after losing its legal battle against state bailouts, which were granted to rival flag carriers, including Air France-KLM and SAS during COVID-19.
Brussels Airport Evacuated After Discovery of a Suspicious Package 07/09/2021 - (Daniel Mena) Belgian police evacuated passengers from two of Brussels Airport's departure halls and QR194, from Brussels to Doha, was forced to return to the airport after authorities located a suspicious package.
The Downfall of Pan American World Airways 12/03/2021 - (John Pullen) Pan American World Airways was an aviation giant for decades. However, despite their great reputation and global presence, the carrier was facing severe challenges. Eventually, global events combined with fierce competition brought the giant down.
Starlux Airlines Eyes 15 U.S. Destinations 11/12/2020 - (JV Mehta) Taiwan's Starlux Airlines has applied to Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration for permission to fly to 15 destinations in the U.S. Find out which destinations Starlux is exploring.
Boeing 777X Makes its First Flight 01/25/2020 - (Daniel Mena) Earlier today, thousands of people watched as an all new variant of the Boeing 777, the 777X made its first flight. The brand new 777, N779XW, departed from Paine Field at 10:30AM local time. After a few hours of flight tests and photography, the plane landed at Boeing Field, also located in Washington State.
What is Gulfstream's New G800 Business Jet? 10/14/2021 - (Jack Jarzynka) This article is about Gulfstream's new G800 aircraft. It includes information about the features and performance of the aircraft as well as expectations for delivery.
United Flight Diverted due to COVID-19 Medical Emergency 12/18/2020 - (Emmett Chung) A United passenger died after having a heart attack midflight this week only for his wife to later reveal he was experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Read on to find out about this disturbing incident.
Coronavirus Prompts Airlines to Cancel Flights to China 01/31/2020 - (Daniel Mena) Many have heard of the new Coronavirus, a virus that has taken hundreds of lives and spread to thousands of people. The outbreak of this virus has caused many people to avoid travel to China, where the epicenter of the virus is located. Because of the empty flights, airlines are not making revenue off of these flights, so temporarily cancelling these flights would save the airlines money and time.
Government Approves New Routes to China 02/10/2021 - (Sander Tomassen) The CAAC has approved the launch of several new routes to and from China.
Flying Internationally with Qatar Airways During COVID 04/01/2021 - (Sander Tomassen) Join me as I travel to Dubai with Qatar Airways! I will be sharing my view as a passenger how it is to travel around the world during COVID-19.
Avelo Airlines: Destined for Greatness or Bankruptcy? 04/14/2021 - (Nailah Blake) Avelo Airlines is looking to place itself in the leisure travel market and make a change, but with so many factors not on their side, how can an aviation veteran's airline climb?
Boeing Announces Production of Final 747 01/13/2021 - (Patrick Daly) Aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing has received its final order for the company's most iconic aircraft, the 747. On Tuesday, Boeing announced that the cargo giant Atlas Air had ordered 4 747-8 aircraft, but added the sad news that these would be the last ever 747s to ever be produced.
Air Europa Commences Salvador Service 12/16/2020 - (San Junior) It was a long nine months without landing in Bahian lands due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, yesterday at 8:16 pm (Brasilia time) the wait ended when Air Europa's Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, registered EC-MMX, landed at Salvador Bahia Airport. This marked the commencement of flights between Madrid and Salvador.
Korean Airlines to Acquire Asiana Air 11/16/2020 - ( Staff) Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines have intensified their losses or have received losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Asiana Airlines has been one of these airlines in previous years.  Its struggles have led it to a new future. Korean Air, South Korea's largest airline, recently announced that they will acquire a 30.77 percent stake in their rival, Asiana Airlines. This deal is valued at over 1.62 billion USD (1.8 trillion won) and will make Korean Air the 10th largest airline in the world.
Airlines Improve Safety Ahead of Presidential Inauguration 01/16/2021 - (Emmett Chung) Legacy carriers are taking unprecedented action to avoid a repeat of last Wednesday's violence in Washington
Vietnam Airlines Operates Repatriation Flights to the US, Canada, and Europe 04/29/2020 - (Winston Shek) Amid COVID-19, many foreign governments are looking to evacuate citizens back to their home country.  Foreign governments charter aircraft from their national carrier(s) known as repatriation flights.  According to sources, foreign governments are doing this by chartering Vietnam Airlines to fly to more than 10 countries, rescuing citizens stuck in the country due to the international travel ban.
United Announces New Point-to-Point Routes to 26 Destinations 03/25/2021 - (Daniel Mena) United airlines has just announced their plans to launch 26 new point-to-point routes within the U.S. beginning in the month of May. This is to accommodate for the increase in demand for travel now that more people are being vaccinated and ready to take back to the skies. Routes and frequencies are included in this article.
American Airlines to Retire A330-300 05/05/2020 - (Ben S) A brief rundown of the retirement of American Airlines A330-300. American Airlines is retiring their A330-300 series which they inherited from US Airways when they merged in 2013.
Greater Bay Airlines Seeks Air Operator Certificate From Hong Kong Government 08/10/2020 - (Winston Shek) Greater Bay Airlines is seeking an air operator's certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority in Hong Kong. Read more about the plans of the airline.
Frontier Airlines Accelerates A319 Retirement 05/21/2021 - (Joshua Kupietzky ) Frontier Airlines is accelerating the retirement of its older and smaller Airbus A319s. These airplanes were initially scheduled to depart the fleet by the end of 2021; however, Frontier will remove those aircraft early in favor of the Airbus A320neo aircraft.
United Airlines Completes First Flights Out of JFK  04/02/2021 - (Nailah Blake) 'JFK Airport has re-entered the chat.' On March 28th, after an almost two-month delay from the original start date of February 1st, United Airlines completed their first flights out of New York-JFK to San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Airport Operations (Overview) 12/04/2020 - (Andy Zhao) If you have been to an airport before, it's always good to familiarize yourself with its day-to-day operations. Every airport has four types of operation: Landside operation, Airside operation, Billing & Invoice operations, and information & management operation.
Fiji Airways A330 Economy Review (SFO-NAN) 04/28/2020 - (JV Mehta) Do you want to experience Fiji Airways? Read this informative trip report to learn more about the amenities, service, and product of Fiji Airways' A330 Economy class.
Air Service Potentially Returning to St. Augustine? 09/08/2021 - (Brandon McLeish) This article provides information about the past airlines of St Augustine airport as well as one of the future ones. There are also some statistics and factors that play into the reason why the airport doesn't have as much airline service.
American to Lay Off 19,000 Employees 08/27/2020 - (Patrick Daly) American Airlines intends to lay off 19,000 employees by October 1st, unless airlines are given financial assistance from Congress.
2020 Airshows: East Coast 03/10/2020 - (Mogami Kariya) Live on the east coast and wondering which airshows to visit? Here is a list of some action-packed, thrilling aviation events happening this year!
Europe Explores Standardized COVID Passports 01/22/2021 - (Patrick Daly) The European Commission is working on a standard COVID vaccine passport, which would allow for an easy verification that one is vaccinated. If completed, this would allow for more effortless travel between participants. Officials from these countries plan to meet virtually this week to look deeper into making this a reality. So far, a number of countries have already shown their support for this idea, hinting that it could be widely approved in the near future.
Virgin Atlantic to Launch a Flight from Manchester to Delhi 02/29/2020 - (Winston Shek) Virgin Atlantic will launch a flight from Manchester to Delhi. Click to learn more
Garuda Indonesia Explores U.S., France, India Flights From Bali 07/10/2020 - (JV Mehta) Indonesian flag-carrier Garuda is exploring the possibility of launching U.S. flights. How could the carrier do this and what are its motives?
Spirit Airlines Announces New Flights To Orange County 09/01/2020 - (Winston Shek) Spirit Airlines has announced new flights to Orange County, otherwise known as John Wayne Airport, according to a press release. Among its new destinations include Oakland and Los Angeles.
More Information on the UA772 Engine Failure 02/21/2021 - (Blake Jordan-Borns) United UA328, a 777-200 from Denver to Honolulu, the engine fails after takeoff, scatters debris over Denver homes.
Air China to Alter Schedule Between U.S. and China due to Coronavirus 02/05/2020 - (Daniel Mena) Air China will cancel all flights to U.S. cities other than Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), New York (JFK), and Washington D.C.(IAD). The airline will also alter the routes so that the least aircraft will be used in the most economical way. Click Here to Read More.
American Airlines Partners With The Red Cross to Help Storm Victims 02/22/2021 - (Joshua Kupietzky ) How American Airlines is helping winter storm victims.
American Airlines to Make Seattle an International Gateway 02/14/2020 - (Winston Shek) American Airlines will add two new key international routes, can you guess them? They are truly out of left field. Click to see more details.
California-Based Airbahn’s Summer Launch Plans 05/31/2021 - (Joshua Kupietzky ) Airbahn originally had its sights set on a 2019 launch. Now, the California-based startup is preparing to begin service this summer.
Delta and American Suspend Flights to Milan 03/01/2020 - (Calvin Stewart) Coronavirus isn't only affecting flights to Asia. Now, flights to Italy are also being suspended.
Boeing Creates Starliner for Nasa With Massive Flaws 02/08/2020 - (Kyle Jonas) Boeing is facing backlash yet again. In the midst of working out their issues around the 737 Max 8, Boeing must work out another problem. The Starliner experienced software issues.
Virgin Atlantic to Launch Flights to Cape Town 02/13/2020 - (Winston Shek) According to multiple sources, Virgin Atlantic will launch a seasonal flight to Cape Town from its hub at London-Heathrow. The flight will be launched on October 25th, 2020 on the carrier's Boeing 787-9. It will be a 12-hour flight from London-Heathrow-Cape Town and an 11 hour 30-minute flight from Cape Town to London-Heathrow.
Jetblue Announces LAX Expansion, Ends Operation at LGB 07/11/2020 - (Winston Shek) Jetblue has announced a massive LAX expansion along with the end of its LGB operation. Click for an in-depth analysis.
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