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JetBlue Announces Major Puerto Rico Expansion; New Mint Service

JetBlue Announces Major Puerto Rico Expansion; New Mint Service

BY JASPER YU-DAWIDOWICZ Published on May 11, 2024 1 COMMENTS



Earlier this week, New York based JetBlue Airways announced a major expansion with eight new routes to Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands, as well as the addition of new Mint service to six routes. 


Photo: Julian Waller, AeroXplorer




In Puerto Rico, JetBlue is launching a total of six new routes from their long-time focus city of San Juan, bringing the airline’s average daily departures from San Juan to 40 per day - more than any other airline in the city.  


Commenting on the expansion, President of JetBlue Marty St. George had this to say:

“JetBlue has been a proud part of the Puerto Rican community for over twenty years, and we're excited to deepen our roots with this expansion. Our decades-long history with this vibrant community drives our enthusiasm to not only increase our service but also to strengthen our relationships and presence in the region. We are excited to continue growing alongside the Puerto Rican community, ensuring that JetBlue remains a key partner in connecting the people of Puerto Rico."


The six new destinations that will JetBlue will serve from San Juan are:

  • Providence, RI (PVD)
  • Westchester County, NY (HPN)
  • Santiago, Dominican Republic (STI)
  • Medellín, Columbia (MDE)
  • Cancún, Mexico (CUN)
  • St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (STX)


The majority of the new routes will launch between the 27th and 29th of October 2024, while the Saint Croix route (which JetBlue had previously served from 2011 to 2019) will launch later on the 12th of December 2024. 

A detailed breakdown of all the new routes can be found at the end of this article. 




In addition to the new routes from San Juan, JetBlue is also set to add two routes from its largest hub at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York City. The airline will become the first US carrier to fly directly from JFK to Argyle International Airport (SVD) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and to Flamingo International Airport (BON) in Bonaire. 


The frequencies and launch dates for these two routes are set to be announced at a later date. 


JetBlue also plans introduce their award-winning Mint business class product on numerous routes including their New York JFK to San Juan (SJU), Vancouver (YVR), Phoenix (PHX), and Las Vegas (LAS) routes. JetBlue flights with Mint business class will also be operated during the winter to Phoenix (PHX) from JetBlue's Fort Lauderdale (FLL) hub. The airlines' Boston (BOS) to Phoenix (PHX) route will also see Mint service during the winter season. 


To welcome their major expansion, JetBlue is offering a plethora of deals for passengers who book tickets directly with the airline over the next couple of days. Tickets out of San Juan start at just $29 for travelers wishing to visit St. Croix and only $399 for anyone wanting to relax on a lie-flat Mint business class seat from New York (JFK) to San Juan (SJU). 




These network expansions come as JetBlue is pushing to regain profitability and their increased focus on leisure and visiting friends/family travel. 


In order to supply these new routes with planes, JetBlue will scale back its operations at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) as the airline navigates past the Northeast alliance with American Airlines that was struck down last year by the US Justice Department


Below is all of the information regarding JetBlue's new routes from San Juan: 

RouteFlight NumberTimeStarting Date
PVD - SJU5257:00am - 12:00pmOctober 27, 2024
SJU - PVD5267:25pm - 10:24pmOctober 27, 2024
HPN - SJU26018:00am - 1:00pmOctober 27, 2024
SJU - HPN26028:00pm - 10:55pmOctober 27, 2024
SJU - STX29403:35pm - 4:25pmDecember 12, 2024
STX - SJU29415:10pm - 6:00pmDecember 12, 2024
SJU - STI160711:25am - 12:25pmOctober 28, 2024
STI - SJU16081:25pm - 2:26pmOctober 28, 2024
SJU - MDE29651:20pm - 3:05pmOctober 29, 2024
MDE - SJU29664:05pm - 7:50pmOctober 29, 2024
SJU - CUN289912:10pm - 2:30pmOctober 28, 2024
CUN - SJU28983:30pm - 7:50pmOctober 28, 2024


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Angel We need direct flights from the US west coast (Los Angeles) to San Juan and/or Aguadilla!!!
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