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TRIP REPORTS Apr 27, 2022 Trip Report: United 737 Max First Class I recently had the chance to fly on United's 737 MAX First Class due to a MileagePlus Complimentary Premier Upgrade. It was quite an enjoyable experience for such a short flight. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Feb 27, 2022 Trip Report: Alaska A320 to Chicago Alaska's a320 on longer flights is quite good, as I found out on my flights to and from Chicago. Read the review to find out more. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Feb 19, 2022 Traveling the Magical Route With British Airways: A COVID-19 Point of View This is about traveling Transatlantic with British Airways during the pandemic. It mainly encompasses the different experiences of traveling on their various aircraft and the difference between traveling on their economy and premium economy products. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Jan 19, 2022 First Class Experience: Onboard Delta's Airbus A220 Delta's a220 is one of the best planes out there and this article provides a glimpse into what makes the experience so great. No matter which class you fly in, the a220 is unbeatable. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Nov 18, 2021 Flying on JetBlue's A220-300 from Boston to Fort Myers After recently flying on JetBlue's Airbus A220-300 from BOS to RSW, I decided to report on the flight. Described is the experience both on the ground and in the air, the overview of the aircraft, and the overall review of the product. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Nov 14, 2021 Flying JetBlue and Delta During the Pandemic A lot of airlines had to make various changes to their product as a result of the pandemic. Here, I dive into how two airlines, Jetblue and Delta handled the pandemic during my trips with them a few months ago, and how those changes may affect the passenger's experience in the future. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Nov 04, 2021 My 'Interesting' Experience Flying VivaAerobus to Mexico VivaAerobus is a Mexican Low Cost Carrier but what is it really like internationally? I flew round trip between Chicago and Mexico City to find out. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Nov 03, 2021 Flying United in 2021: 737-900ER from San Francisco to Chicago United's 737-900ER is decent for a medium-distance flight. I review and analyze my experience flying on the aircraft from SFO to ORD on my recent trip. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Oct 23, 2021 Flying with Wideroe Airlines, a Norwegian Regional Carrier Join me as I fly with Wideroe to a small town in Western Norway! Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Sep 21, 2021 Which Regional Airline is Best in the West? Comparison of Horizon Air and United Express In this article, I describe my experience flying on Horizon Air and United Express on my recent trip to Eugene. I compare and contrast the two products as well as provide a verdict as to which is better. Read More →