TUESDAY JUN 25, 2024
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NEWS Jun 22, 2024 Collision Risks as Australia Struggle With Airport Staff Shortages Industries around the world have been suffering from staff shortages coming out of the pandemic. The travel sector and especially aviation have experienced these struggles first-hand. In Australia, a staff shortage among air traffic controllers has become a huge point of concern as many fear that the chances of a collision have risen. Read More →
NEWS Jun 21, 2024 Oil Protestors Attempt to Paint Taylor Swift's Private Jet, go to Wrong Airport On Thursday June 19, Just Stop Oil protestors broke into London Stansted Airport aiming to paint Taylor Swift's private jet. The activists wanted to bring to light Swift and other famous figures excessive use of private jets and flying. Read More →
NEWS Jun 20, 2024 How Is the Aviation Industry Combating Cybersecurity Threats? Aircraft use all sorts of technological navigation equipment when they are flying through the sky. But what happens when that equipment doesn't give the right readings? Read about GPS Spoofing, giving aircraft false signals to lead them astray. Read More →
NEWS Jun 20, 2024 Malaysia Airlines Flight Forced To Return to Hyderabad After Mid-Air Engine Fire On June 20th, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 operating flight MH199 suffered a technical problem, causing one of the engines to catch fire mid-air. The flight returned to its origin airport in Hyderabad where all passengers and crew safely deplaned. Read More →
NEWS Jun 20, 2024 Power Outage at San Francisco Airport Impacts Flights, Causes Hours of Delays A partial power outage at San Francisco International Airport caused brief confusion and inconvenience for travelers Wednesday morning. The outage has since been resolved. Read More →
NEWS Jun 20, 2024 Dulles Airport’s Mobile Lounges Are Here to Stay: $160 Million Refurbishment Underway For a while, rumors suggested that the famous, albeit aging, mobile lounges at Washington Dulles International Airport would be phased out at some point. Well, those rumors have been proven false as it was recently announced that the beloved people movers will receive a major facelift. Read More →
NEWS Jun 18, 2024 BA Faces Minor Fault: Passengers Endure London Round Trip Flight Passengers were stuck on a nine-hour “flight to nowhere” after a British Airways plane from London to Texas was forced to turn around in mid-air. The flight departed from Heathrow Airport at 10am on Monday and had reached Newfoundland, Canada, when a minor technical issue forced it to turn back Read More →
NEWS Jun 18, 2024 Utair Plane Hits Fence On Approach; Lands Short of Russian Airport A Utair Antonov AN-26 has crash landed short of the runway at a Siberian airport. The incident occurred in poor visibility conditions with minimal injuries and zero casualties. Read More →
NEWS Jun 18, 2024 Swiss Adds Shark Skin To Boeing 777s Sharks cannot fly, however, SWISS has adopted a special "shark skin" technology to some of its aircraft that is said to have immense benefits. The carrier has become the first airline in the world to deploy this innovative new technology on its aircraft. Read More →
NEWS Jun 18, 2024 Archer, Signature Aviation Sign Landmark Infrastructure Deal for Evtol Operations Announced Monday, leading eVTOL manufacturer Archer Aviation and fixed-based operator Signature Aviation signed a momentum of understanding (MoU) to electrify the largest network of private aviation terminals across the United States. Read More →