SUNDAY AUG 07, 2022
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Category: Routes
ROUTES United to Launch Daily Transcontinental Routes from JFK After 5 years of absence, United Airlines plans to return to JFK. The inaugural flight is scheduled for February 1, and will fly from JFK to both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Read More →
ROUTES United to Resume Flights Out of JFK Airport United announced plans to resume flights out of New York's JFK Airport, after leaving the airport in 2015. Read More →
ROUTES Jetblue Unveils New A321LR That Will Operate to London Flights Jetblue has today unveiled their new A321LR that will operate the airlines new London route next year. Read More →
ROUTES JetBlue Launches Expansion Out of Hartford JetBlue has recently announced plans for expansion out of Hartford's Bradley International Airport. The 4 new routes will compliment B6's 6 preexisting routes to Florida and Puerto Rico. Read More →
ROUTES Jetblue Adds 24 New Routes to Their Network Jetblue announced its plans to add 24 new routes Thursday morning. Read More →
ROUTES United Airlines Announces a Plethora of New Routes from Various Hubs United Airlines recently released a cryptic promotional video on social media, challenging the public to guess which new long-haul routes the carrier could soon be launching. However, rather than cleanly revealing a list of clues, the video is instead a jumble of seemingly random facts, images, and numbers – so congrats to United for playing the game well. Despite this hardball approach United is using to get people to guess the routes, we have closely looked through the video, frame-by-frame, and interpreted a large amount of the data presented. Read More →
ROUTES Spirit Airlines Announces New Flights To Orange County Spirit Airlines has announced new flights to Orange County, otherwise known as John Wayne Airport, according to a press release. Among its new destinations include Oakland and Los Angeles. Read More →
ROUTES Southwest Continues to Expand Despite Pandemic Southwest Airlines has recently expanded its hubs both through renovations and planned new routes despite the coronavirus pandemic. Beginning in late 2020, Southwest will begin seasonal service from Denver (DEN) and Dallas Love Field (DAL) to Steamboat Springs, Colorado (HDN). Read More →
ROUTES United Airlines Announces Floridian Expansion Targeting Leisure Travelers United Airlines has announced a new Floridian expansion targeting leisure travelers. This is the airline's first point to point route expansion since the Continental Airlines merger. Read for an in-depth analysis Read More →
ROUTES Alaska Competes With JetBlue at LAX, Adds New Flights Alaska Airlines announced plans to amp up service at LAX. Read More →