SUNDAY MAR 26, 2023
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ROUTES Nov 10, 2021 Elite Airways Launches Flights to St. Augustine The article talks about Elite Airways' plan to fly to SGJ. It discusses info about the fleet types that may be used as well as airfare. Read More →
ROUTES Nov 08, 2021 United Airlines Drops Three Cities From Route Network United Airlines and regional partner SkyWest Airlines will be dropping three cities in the coming months as a result of a change in subsidy allocation from the Department of Transportation. In the future, this could open up a strategic opportunity for the legacy carrier. Read More →
ROUTES Nov 05, 2021 Avelo Takes Off From New Haven Tweed Avelo Airlines took off from New Haven Tweed for the first time today with service to Orlando. This marks the first time in many years New Haven has seen such a service expansion, with Avelo looking to make strong connections with the airport and local community. Read More →
ROUTES Oct 14, 2021 United Airlines Announces Routes to Amman, Mallorca, Bergen, Among Others United Airlines has announced 10 new routes from various hubs to seemingly random destinations. Read More →
ROUTES Oct 13, 2021 Where We Think United Could Be Flying Next Earlier today, United Airlines released a video full of clues as to where their new routes may be. This article analyzes those clues and provides insights to where we think United might be flying next. Read More →
ROUTES Sep 10, 2021 Uzbekistan Airways Launches Uzbekistan Express Uzbekistan Airways recently launched a new low-cost subsidiary and reconfigured parts of their fleet to adjust to the current leisure demand. This follows the rising trend of new low-cost subsidiaries in Central Asia. Read More →
ROUTES Aug 25, 2021 EasyJet Lands in North Macedonia LCC EasyJet is commencing services to Skopje, the airline's first route in North Macedonia Read More →
ROUTES Aug 15, 2021 Virgin Atlantic To Ditch Glasgow Virgin Atlantic is moving their transatlantic Scotland service from Glasgow to Edinburgh. New routes to the Caribbean will be launched with the airport move, raising questions and hairs while also getting vacationers excited. Read More →
ROUTES Jul 28, 2021 Canadian Low-Cost Airline Flair Announces 5 New US Routes Beginning this October, Flair Airlines will begin a new series of routes in the United States. The CEO of Flair, Stephen Jones, is excited about the new opportunities that these routes hold. Read More →
ROUTES Jul 27, 2021 New Flights Launch Between Israel and Morocco Due to the peace agreement negotiated last year by the United States, airlines can now fly between Morocco and Israel. As a result, El Al and Israir have now launched 5x and 3x weekly flights, respectively, between Marrakesh and Tel Aviv. Read More →