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INFORMATIONAL May 04, 2021 What Happened to AirTran? If you followed the aviation industry before 2010, you probably remember hearing about AirTran, an Atlanta-based carrier that was around from 1993 to 2014. But what happened to them and where did all of their planes go? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 03, 2021 The Airbus Beluga vs. The Boeing Dreamlifter What are the major differences between the Airbus Beluga and the Boeing Dreamlifter? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 01, 2021 Why Louisville is Home to UPS's Worldport UPS worldport plays a vital role in the infrastructure of the company. So what is so important about it and why Louisville? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 18, 2021 The European Aviation Industry - Will it ever be the same? An update on the awful situation in Europe. Will the aviation industry be the same? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 18, 2021 Cargo-Only Flights Explained Before the pandemic, 5-10% of the revenue that airlines brought in was from cargo aboard passenger flights. Once passenger flights began decreasing, airlines needed a new way to ship cargo. They began operating cargo-only flights to keep up with demand while minimizing losses in revenue. In one week, United Airlines operated over 75 cargo flights weekly just to stay afloat. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 10, 2021 Huntsville International Airport: What Went Wrong? Huntsville airport was set to be the next UPS world port due to its central location. It was used a lot during the space race because the Marshall Space Flight Center is located in Huntsville. Now there are only 10 destinations and it serves only hub airports. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 25, 2021 WOW Air Two Years Later: Where it All Went Wrong On the 28th March 2019, WOW air ceased operations. What went wrong with the airline? Why did WOW air collapse? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 24, 2021 Singapore Airlines and the Concorde: What Went Wrong? In the year 1977, British Airways wanted to expand its Concorde services eastwards and partnered with Singapore Airlines. This venture saw Singapore Airlines operate the Concorde from Heathrow to Singapore, via Bahrain. London Heathrow to Bahrain was already an existing route with British Airways using the Concorde. With the joint venture, the route got extended to Singapore. There were also plans to expand the route to Sydney, Australia. However, this never happened due to various reasons. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 12, 2021 Berlin Brandenburg Airport: Is It Doomed? An update on the Berlin Brandenburg Airport Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Feb 17, 2021 Brief Overview of the GE9X A summary of the GE9X engine which will be fitted to the 777X aircraft. Read More →