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INFORMATIONAL The Essential Air Service Explained Without federal intervention in routes, airlines in the 70s began to focus on the "hub and spoke" model rather than the "point to point" model, leaving residents of small or mid-sized cities far from major hubs isolated and unable to travel by air. Enter the Essential Air Service (EAS) Program: federally funded subsidized flights between medium to small-sized cities across the United States in order to give residents the freedom to travel without driving hundreds of miles to reach the nearest airport. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mexico's Interjet Thrown Lifeline With $150 Million Investment Mexico's Interjet had been bound to fail despite the disastrous effects the Coronavirus had on Mexican (and worldwide) aviation. However, in these trying times for the airline, an investment group has thrown the failing low-cost carrier a lifeline in the form of a $150 million investment, in order to make Interjet "the most important airline in Mexico." Will the plans of these investors be realized, or do you think Interjet will eventually go under? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Canada's Government has Failed Canadian Airlines Airlines around the world are struggling due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Despite making record-breaking profits over the last few years, these last few months have been extremely difficult. Airlines are losing millions of dollars a day, prompting governments around the world to step in financially and keep airlines flying. Canada, though, has not. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL TheExplorerBlog Featured Photo Guidelines Do you want your photos to be featured on TheExplorerBlog, click here for the guidelines. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL TheExplorerBlog Photo Screening FAQ Do you have any questions that cannot be answered from our help? Consult this. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Alaska Airlines "Proudly All Boeing" After acquiring Sir Richard Branson’s American subsidiary, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines' Boeing jets still wear a sticker on their nose saying "Proudly All Boeing" despite the fact that they operate 71 Airbus A320 family jets. Indications from the Pacific Northwest based firm show that they may emerge from the current COVID-19 situation aiming for an all Boeing 737 mainline fleet. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL How United Airlines Will Rebound From COVID-19: An Opinion United Airlines has been heavily affected by COVID-19. How will they rebound? Find out in this informational and opinion-based article. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL When Will Aviation Return to Normal? Right now, the aviation industry, along with the rest of the world, is in decline. COVID-19 has affected everyone and everything, including the world of flying. Airlines have cut routes, pilots have been forced to go on furlough, airlines, including the U.K. airline FlyBe have collapsed, aircraft have been grounded and even retired, airport and airline staff have been laid off, and many other ill effects. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL The Complete List of U.S. Airlines Affected by COVID-19 There’s no doubt the aviation industry has been affected by COVID-19, and many airlines have made dramatic changes to their operations. Here are the lists of airlines in the US who've made major changes due to COVID-19, as of 3/29/2020. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL 2020 Airshows: East Coast Live on the east coast and wondering which airshows to visit? Here is a list of some action-packed, thrilling aviation events happening this year! Read More →