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INFORMATIONAL Dec 29, 2022 ECONOMY COMPARISON: United Airlines Long Haul vs. Short Haul Comparison of United Airlines' short-to-medium and long-haul economy class cabins. Read more to go in-depth about the types of seats on offer and their features. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Nov 26, 2022 Surf Air and “All-You-Can-Fly Passes”: The Rise of Subscription-Based Airlines The membership buffet offerings within airlines are becoming increasingly popular, especially now that Frontier and Alaska have launched their own programs. But were other smaller airlines responsible for the rise? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Nov 15, 2022 The Undying Role of Aviation in U.S. National Security Aviation has been a part of U.S. history for decades. But why is it so important in keeping the country safe? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Nov 10, 2022 Houston Airshow Attracts Visitors from Around the World Wings Over Houston Airshow was a spectacular event, attracting those from as far as the Netherlands. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Nov 03, 2022 Why Are Plane Tickets So Expensive Nowadays? Inflation has recently been a challenge, but no sector has seen as much of a jolt as the commercial air travel industry. This article investigates this concerning trend. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 27, 2022 How are Bags Screened Before Flights? Have you ever wondered how your bags are screened before you board a flight? How do Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents know which bags to screen and what to look for? In this article, we will answer those questions and give you a behind-the-scenes look at the screening process! Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 26, 2022 The Difference Between Scramjet and Ramjet Engines Ever wonder how some aircraft are able to reach such mind-boggling speeds? Ramjets and Scramjets are the ones to thank. But what is the difference between the two and a conventional turbojet engine? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 24, 2022 What Are Some Great Paths to Becoming a Career Pilot? You may be a foreigner to aviation and you want to be a pilot someday but just aren't sure where to start. Or you may be a student pilot already but just aren't sure where to go next with this passion deep inside of you. If you are one of these hopefully by the end of this you will have a better understanding of where you want to go. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 22, 2022 The $100,000 Experience on National Geographic's Private Boeing 757 National Geographic offers a host of luxury excursions around the world, but these itineraries come with a hefty price-tag. What does a $100,000 trip on a leased private Boeing 757 entail? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 16, 2022 The 10 Highest-Paying Air Force Jobs If you are passionate about making a living while serving your country, the Air Force is one of the best industries to consider. Continue reading to learn about jobs in the Air Force. Read More →