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INFORMATIONAL Apr 24, 2022 The Fall and Impending Rise of San Bernardino Airport San Bernardino Airport has had its fair share of trouble over the years but the future is looking bright. With a new airline starting service there soon and the town backing the airport, San Bernardino Airport could become the new preferred backup airport to LAX. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 23, 2022 The Crash That Caused The Pilot Shortage Describing why the new Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) hourly requirements in the U.S. are making the current pilot shortage worse. Relating this to the colgan air crash in 2009 that resulted in the increase from 250 to 1,500 hours required for ATP. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 19, 2022 Onboard Negus: The Boeing 747 Party Plane While the COVID-19 pandemic forced British Airways to retire its Boeing 747 fleet, some of them have found new homes across the UK. G-CIVB or 'Negus' has been turned into the ultimate, posh party plane and is now available for hire. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Feb 26, 2022 Southwest Airlines Considers DFW for Future Growth Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines has a history of avoiding busier hub airports. Despite this, ever since the mid-2000s, the carrier has begun adding some of America’s busiest airports to their network. Comments from one of Southwest’s former executives revealed there could be more of these additions in the future, more specifically in their hometown of Dallas. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Feb 15, 2022 An Inside Perspective: The Rise of Spirit Airlines Spirit Airlines is notorious for low fares and a multitude of fees that are tacked on to the passenger experience. Despite this, pricing in the U.S. industry has shifted dramatically thanks to the carrier and Ben Baldanza, the airline’s former CEO who pioneered the ultra-low-cost business model in America. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Feb 02, 2022 Mile High Stakes: The Fight For Denver Denver International Airport is one of the busiest hubs in the nation. Because of its centralized geography and status as an outdoor gateway, both Southwest and United Airlines have been fighting to be the airline of choice in the Mile High City. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 24, 2022 The Evolution of The Low-Cost Airline Business Model Low-cost carriers have left an incredibly strong impact on the airline industry across the world. However, the low-cost business model that is dominant in the marketplace today differs drastically when compared to how low-cost airlines originally entered the industry. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 23, 2022 What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)? As the aviation industry advances in technology, many airlines have made it a priority to reduce their environmental footprint. One way they are doing so is by introducing Sustainable Aviation Fuel into their operations. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 22, 2022 The Top Five Shortest Flights in America The United States has more than five thousand different airports, with many of them being connected by commercial airlines. Across a massive convoluted web of connections, there sometimes happens to be rather unusual city pairs that are connected. Sometimes, these city pairs end up being very close to each other, resulting in very short routes. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 20, 2022 David Neeleman and the Rise of JetBlue Airways JetBlue Airways has become a strong competitor in the airline industry ever since it launched operations in early 2000. Despite its success, JetBlue and its founder David Neeleman faced many challenges in the time leading up to the carrier’s launch. Read More →