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INFORMATIONAL Mar 30, 2024 How This Boeing 747 Went Supersonic When we think of supersonic travel, we immediately think of aircraft like the Concorde and various types of fighter jets. That's because these aircraft were built to regularly fly at supersonic speeds. But what if I told you that a Boeing 747 once went supersonic? Believe it or not, this happened back in 1991 and that's what we will be discussing today. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 28, 2024 Could We See an Airbus A380neo? Although production for the Airbus A380 was discontinued in December 2021 due to poor demand, many airlines that grounded their A380 fleets during the pandemic have started flying them again. The A380's return raises questions about the possibility of a more fuel-efficient A380neo version. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 28, 2024 Preparing for Aviation University: Must-Have Skills for Aspiring Students Do you want to attend university to become a pilot? Are you planning on studying anything related to aviation? This article explains what you may need to succeed in the aviation industry. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 28, 2024 Top 6 NASCAR Drivers Who Became Pilots A surprising number of NASCAR drivers are either pilots during or after their motorsports careers. The collaboration makes sense as both flying and driving are high-octane activities. Here are some of the most notable driver-pilots. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 27, 2024 Why Pilots Never Eat the Same Meal Imagine you are onboard a long-haul flight, and dinner has just been served. There are usually a variety of options to choose from; chances are, one of the pilots may have also had a similar meal. The key word is "one," as there is a common myth that the pilots of a flight never eat the same meal. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 27, 2024 How Airbus Uses Animals to Develop More Advanced Aircraft Biomimicry is the study of how engineering can be based on biological structures. Although a novice in the study, this new science can provide answers to the future of airline sustainability. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 26, 2024 Who Are the Air Marshals and What Do They Do? The US Federal Air Marshal Service is a historic group of highly trained officers designated to keeping air travel safe. Although tough to get into, the job is met with prestige and intrigue. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 26, 2024 Why Do Aircraft Have Round Windows? Windows on planes used to be square until damages were reported to result from metal fatigue at changing air pressures. But is this true? Although rumored as a myth, industry changes suggest some truth to this matter. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 26, 2024 The World's Top 5 Longest Flights to Australia and New Zealand Multiple airlines offer ultra-long-haul flights to Australia and New Zealand to accommodate high demand among international travelers. Eight of the world's 20 longest nonstop routes by distance involve four destinations: Auckland (AKL), Melbourne (MEL), Perth (PER), and Sydney (SYD). These are the world's longest flights serving Australia and New Zealand. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 26, 2024 The Unusual Things Airlines Transport Besides Passengers Aviation has facilitated the transport of various commodities aside from passengers and the usual cargo. When the time comes to transport some large loads, aviation is there to help. Airlines often transport unusual items for various reasons. Read More →