SUNDAY MAR 26, 2023
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Category: Informational
INFORMATIONAL Delta's New A320neos Will Have an Improved First Class Delta has orders for 100 of Airbus's new A320neos. They plan to sport them with seats that more closely resemble their international hard product, Delta One. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL A Guide to Fifth-Freedom Flights Fifth-freedom flights are flights between two cities that are not the airline's home base. For example, an airline is based in city A, and it flies to city Y with a stop at city X. In a fifth freedom flight, passengers can fly the airline based in city A from city X straight to city Y without a stop in city Y. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL The Most Family Friendly Airlines of 2020 just released their list of the most Family Friendly Airlines of 2020. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL How to Fly United's New Polaris for just 25000 Miles When I was searching for flights the other day, I found a flight on a United 777-200 with New Polaris for just 25,000 miles! I'm here to share the information with you so that you can fly Polaris with these awesome deals! Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Safest Airlines for 2020 has released a list of the safest airlines for 2020 Read More →
INFORMATIONAL TheExplorerBlog Photo Guidelines What guidelines do you need to follow if you want to upload to TheExplorerBlog? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL TheExplorerBlog Article Guidelines We strive to make our community fair and safe. That being said, we have a list of guidelines that our screeners follow to ensure that our website only displays true and fair information. This document shares these guidelines with our users so that they all have a fair advantage when uploading. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL The Boeing 747 Routes and Retirement Plans It is the Boeing 747. We all know it as the Queen of the Skies. Even though it is very popular and several airlines throughout the world are still flying it, there are many cons to operating it. In the aviation world today, airlines prefer more fuel efficient and cost efficient aircraft. Therefore, most 747s are on the way out of airlines' fleets and are being replaced by other aircraft, such as Boeing's 787 and Airbus's A350. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL A New Uber, but For Airplanes A new app was released, named BlackBird, which pairs private pilots to customers for as little as $50 per flight, is becoming more and more popular in the California area. Is it safe? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL A Look at the United Airlines Fleet. United Airlines is one of America's most well-known airlines. They have been around since 1926 and have one of the largest airline fleets in the world with a whopping 749 aircraft. The airline uses its aircraft to fly to over 300 destinations worldwide through over 4,500 daily flights. Read More →