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Zachary Liddy-Davis
San Diego
NEWS Jul 30, 2022 Alaska Airlines First in the US to Launch Electronic Bag Tags Alaska has become the first airline in the United States to launch electronic bag tags. The electronic tags will make the bag tagging process much faster and will allow travelers to do it from the comfort of their own homes. Read More →
NEWS Jul 16, 2022 American Airlines Flight Attendant Named Longest Serving in History Guinness World Records recently recognized Boston Woman Bette Nash as the Longest Serving and Most Senior Flight Attendant in History. Joining the Airline as a stewardess in 1957 (the same year as the first man-made satellite launch), Bette has served over 65 years with American Airlines, racking up thousands of miles. Read More →
NEWS Jul 11, 2022 American Airlines Triples Pilots' Pay Amid Recent Scheduling Glitch American Airlines triples its pilot's pay amid a glitch that caused pilots to drop hundreds of trips. Read More →
ROUTES Jun 29, 2022 Qantas Launches First Direct Flight to Mainland Europe Qantas completed their first direct mainland europe flight, as Project Sunrise stats to take effect. Read More →
NEWS Jun 20, 2022 Doha Hamad International Airport Named Best Airport in the World Doha Hamad recently named world's best airport of 2022. Read More →
NEWS Jun 15, 2022 The Airbus A321 XLR Could Start Flying Soon The A321XLR, which promises to change the airline industry, is set for a test flight this week. Read More →
NEWS Jun 04, 2022 President Biden Evacuated From Delaware Home After Aircraft Enters Restricted Airspace Biden evacuated after restricted airspace infiltrated. Read More →
NEWS May 26, 2022 British Air and Iberia Owners IAG Announce New Boeing 737 MAX Order IAG announces new order for Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, part of short-haul renewal program. Read More →
STORIES May 10, 2022 Top 5 Liveries at San Diego List and explanation of my top 5 liveries to come through San Diego with descriptions of each in addition to a brief list of honorable mentions. Read More →
STORIES May 05, 2022 An Inside Perspective: Working as a Ramper The aviation industry presents many career paths. If one is interested in working at the airport, then being a ramper may be a great choice. Read More →