TUESDAY DEC 05, 2023
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ROUTES Apr 18, 2023 United Makes History with the Largest-Ever South Pacific Expansion American Legacy Carrier United Airlines is gearing up for a busy summer, fall, and winter season, The airline recently announced the summer network, with 100+ destinations served from the USA. However, ambitious in its efforts to improve connectivity and boost growth, the airline again announced this morning a large number of new routes which will begin at varying times during the best northern winter. Read More →
NEWS Apr 21, 2021 Air France's New Pandemic Route Air France has added a new route out of CDG to DEN. It is very unusual because of the ongoing pandemic currently. Read More →
ROUTES United Airlines Announces a Plethora of New Routes from Various Hubs United Airlines recently released a cryptic promotional video on social media, challenging the public to guess which new long-haul routes the carrier could soon be launching. However, rather than cleanly revealing a list of clues, the video is instead a jumble of seemingly random facts, images, and numbers – so congrats to United for playing the game well. Despite this hardball approach United is using to get people to guess the routes, we have closely looked through the video, frame-by-frame, and interpreted a large amount of the data presented. Read More →
ROUTES Philippine Airlines to Launch Two New Flights to the USA Philippine Airlines will launch two new destinations in the U.S. Can you guess what they are? Read More →