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NEWS Nov 20, 2023 French Air Traffic Controllers Protest Against Anti-Protest Laws Passed by French Parliament Flights departing from airports across France were canceled on November 20 as air traffic controllers conducted a one-day strike. The strikes happened after the French Parliament passed a bill to restrict air traffic controllers' ability to go on strike on November 15. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Nov 19, 2023 How This Invention Changed the History of Aircraft Interventions Recently, the aviation industry has had to deal with a flurry of confounding accidents and long investigations to determine their underlying cause. In some cases, these investigations may seem surprisingly short and oddly specific in their reasoning for a disaster. The black box undoubtedly has made it that way, and in this article we'll take a look at why. Read More →
NEWS Oct 03, 2023 SAS Leaving Star Alliance: Here's Why That's Huge SAS Airlines just announced its sudden departure from the Star Alliance amid a major shift in its organizational structure. Here's what the move entails and why it's such a big deal. Read More →
NEWS Jun 08, 2023 Air France Selects New Business Class Seat for its A350 Aircraft Air France of the Air France - KLM Group, has just chosen the seat for its new A350 aircraft yet to be delivered — and potentially the rest of the long haul fleet! Read More →
NEWS May 28, 2023 Air France Flight Returns to Osaka After Bird Strike On Sunday, an Air France A350 en route from Osaka to Paris experienced a malfunction with its weather radar and speed meters after striking birds. Read More →
NEWS Apr 18, 2023 Air France-KLM Secures €2.2 Billion in Revolving Credit Facilities Linked to ESG KPIs Air France-KLM and its subsidiaries Air France and KLM have entered into agreements for two revolving credit facilities (RCFs) worth €2.2 billion. These facilities are tied to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) key performance indicators (KPIs) as part of the group's commitment to sustainable development and reducing carbon emissions. Read More →
NEWS Sep 29, 2022 Virgin Atlantic to Join SkyTeam London-based airline Virgin Atlantic has just announced it will join the SkyTeam alliance, headed by good partners Delta and Air France-KLM. The airline's entrance will take effect in 2023 and will bring significant benefits to flyers. Read More →
Sep 16, 2022 French ATC Strike Leaves 1000+ Flights Canceled French ATC workers struck on Friday over wages and recruitment, affecting a thousand flights in France. Read More →
NEWS Feb 17, 2021 Ryanair to Deliver 16 Lawsuits Over Selective Government Subsidies Ryanair will be challenging the European Union's General Court and appealing to the European Court of Justice after losing its legal battle against state bailouts, which were granted to rival flag carriers, including Air France-KLM and SAS during COVID-19. Read More →
NEWS Air France To Retire Its A380 Fleet Air France will retire its fleet of A380's amid the COVID-19. With the anticipated drop in demand, Air France Read More →