SUNDAY JUN 16, 2024
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Nico Marvin Plane spotter in the the Washington DC area. Training towards my private pilot license. My home airport is DCA, then HEF, IAD, and GAI.
Washington DC
NEWS Feb 04, 2022 Qatar vs Airbus: A Never-Ending Saga This is about the long battle between Qatar and Airbus over the last 6 months. It also goes into the new order for Boeing. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 22, 2022 The Top Five Shortest Flights in America The United States has more than five thousand different airports, with many of them being connected by commercial airlines. Across a massive convoluted web of connections, there sometimes happens to be rather unusual city pairs that are connected. Sometimes, these city pairs end up being very close to each other, resulting in very short routes. Read More →
NEWS Jan 17, 2022 5G Rollout Expected to Delay Over 345,000 Flights 5G roll-out in the USA has been countered by the US aviation industry. The battle between wireless and the aviation industry was prolonged to research more safe ways for flights to operate. Read More →