FRIDAY JUL 12, 2024
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Jack Turner Jack is a member of the AeroXplorer writing team and particularly enjoys sharing news around domestic flying and news surrounding his favorite airline, Delta. Jack splits his time between his hometown of Burlingame, California and Ithaca, New York and enjoys all things public transport in addition to aviation.
INFORMATIONAL Nov 19, 2023 How This Invention Changed the History of Aircraft Interventions Recently, the aviation industry has had to deal with a flurry of confounding accidents and long investigations to determine their underlying cause. In some cases, these investigations may seem surprisingly short and oddly specific in their reasoning for a disaster. The black box undoubtedly has made it that way, and in this article we'll take a look at why. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Nov 12, 2023 How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Private Jet? Have you ever wanted to fly private but thought it was exorbitantly expensive? You're right, partially. Private flying can be expensive, but not always. This article breaks down the cost of avoiding commercial flights in favor of private aviation. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 30, 2023 The Controversial Travel Hack That Has Cost Airlines Millions Ever wanted to save hundreds of dollars on flights to and from your destination of choice? Skiplagging may be for you, but at what cost? Skiplagging isn't technically illegal, but that isn't stopping airlines around the world from cracking down on the phenomenon that is costing them millions. Read More →
NEWS Oct 23, 2023 El Al Making Significant Capacity Changes to Accomodate Stranded Passengers Conflict usually creates logistical challenges for airlines and the war in Israel-Palestine is no different. El Al has been forced to make numerous capacity changes and flout international guidelines to repatriate passengers. Airlines serving Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) have been forced to suspend service and serve passengers through "nearby" airports in other countries. Read More →
NEWS Oct 16, 2023 Titan Airways Flight Confirmed to Have Taken Off With Missing Window A concerning incident involving excessive noise on a Titan Airways a321LR has now been partially resolved: broken windows are the cause. A probe conducted over the last week concluded some windows were broken prior to takeoff leading to the incident. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Sep 29, 2023 The Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounge Access In an age of stricter access requirements and seemingly endless lounge options, finding the right space for you at an airport can be daunting. This article seeks to break down the confusing world of airline lounges and make it easier for you to find comfort before you flight. Read More →
NEWS Sep 12, 2023 Hungary Air Show Crash Kills Two, Injures Four A popular airshow in Hungary became the site of tragedy over the weekend after a veteran aircraft went down mid-flight, causing several fatalities and injuries. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Aug 22, 2023 Are Airline Ticket Prices Set to Rise Indefinitely? Airline ticket prices have hit record highs in recent times, but the time are changing. While lower prices aren't guaranteed passengers should take comfort in the fact that prices are trending lower and that trend is expected to continue. This article explains why. Read More →
NEWS Aug 21, 2023 Police Scooter Catches Fire Inside Dulles Airport, Prompts Evacuation Parts of the famed Dulles departure terminal were closed Saturday night after a police vehicle caught fire. Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt but the incident remains concerning nonetheless. Read More →
NEWS Aug 07, 2023 New Thai Airline Called "Really Cool Airlines" Plans to Offer Luxury Flights for Budget Airline Prices Thailand will have a new airline join its ranks as soon as this December, and it might not be what you expect. Really Cool Airlines does indeed promise a really cool experience for passengers and is set to challenge establishment airlines on key long-haul routes. Read More →