MONDAY FEB 26, 2024
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Calvin Stewart Bay Area photojournalist.
San Francisco, CA
NEWS United Sued for Filling NFL Charters with Young, Blonde Flight Attendants A lawsuit filed against United Airlines alleges the airline only allowed young, blonde flight attendants to staff NFL charter flights. Read More →
NEWS U.S. Eases Restrictions on Flights from China The United States Department of Transportation will now allow Chinese Airlines to operate two flights per week. Read More →
NEWS 737 Lands in San Diego Missing Tail Parts A Swift Air 737-800(N820TJ) was spotted landing with part of the tail missing. Read More →
NEWS Avianca Files for Bankruptcy Latin America's second-biggest airline, Avianca, has filed for bankruptcy amid the coronavirus pandemic. Read More →
NEWS Boeing to Resume 737 MAX Production Boeing is reportedly preparing to resume the production of the 737 MAX. Read More →
NEWS Frontier Airlines to offer special tickets Frontier Airlines will offer special tickets that buy the middle seat starting May 8. Read More →
NEWS Emirates Group Suspends Most Flights Due to COVID-19 Outbreak Emirates is suspending most of its passenger flights amid the outbreak of COVID-19. Read More →
NEWS TSA Screeners in San Jose test positive for COVID-19 3 TSA screeners at Mineta San Jose International Airport have tested positive for COVID-19 Read More →
NEWS Delta and American Suspend Flights to Milan Coronavirus isn't only affecting flights to Asia. Now, flights to Italy are also being suspended. Read More →
NEWS United Airlines Offers Pilots a Month Off United Airlines has offered pilots a month off at a reduced pay due to flight cuts. Read More →