MONDAY MAY 27, 2024
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Jasper Yu-Dawidowicz
INFORMATIONAL May 24, 2024 What Are the Safety Implications of eVTOL Aviation? The rapid development and introduction of eVTOL aircraft into the international aviation industry has raised numerous questions about the safety of electric flight, especially in dense, urban settings. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 20, 2024 COMAC: Destined for Failure or Success? With over 1400 orders across its two aircraft, Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC looks to compete head-to-head with the likes of industry giants Boeing and Airbus. But with the many challenges the manufacturer faces, will COMAC be able to fly to success, or is the company destined for failure? Read More →
NEWS May 16, 2024 Emirates to Head Back to Nigeria in October. Emirates has announced the resumption of service between Dubai (DXB) and Lagos (LOS) in Nigeria starting on October 1st, 2024. The resumption of service comes after the resolution of a two year quarrel between Emirates and the Nigerian government Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 15, 2024 Why Most Australian Airlines Fail In the past 100 years, nearly 300 Australian airlines have failed. With the recent collapse of 18-month-old Bonza Airlines, the question has to be asked: Can any new airline can survive Australia's aviation market? Here's a look at five failed airlines and the impacts they left in the land down under. Read More →
ROUTES May 11, 2024 JetBlue Announces Major Puerto Rico Expansion; New Mint Service JetBlue announces major expansion in Puerto Rico with six new routes and upgrades six routes to include Mint business class. Read More →
NEWS May 11, 2024 SAF Powered Test Flight Shows Reduction in Carbon Emissions Virgin 100 was the first ever flight to cross the Atlantic Ocean on 100% sustainable aviation fuels. After a year of planning between numerous companies, regulatory approval for the unique blend of SAF used, and six months of data analysis after the flight, Virgin Atlantic has released results showing a major reduction in carbon emissions. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 10, 2024 The Secret Language of Air Traffic Control And How To Understand It. A quick look at some of the most common phrases used in air traffic control communications and what they mean. Read More →