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NEWS Jun 10, 2023 PHOTOS: United's First A321neo Spotted in Hamburg United Airlines placed a significant order for 70 Airbus A321neo aircraft in June 2021. Finally, the first of these aircraft has been spotted, awaiting paint and engines, at Airbus' Hamburg-Finkenwerder facility (XFW). Read More →
NEWS Oct 16, 2022 VIDEO: Boeing 747 Loses Wheel During Takeoff from Italian Airport On Wednesday morning, a 747 Dreamlifter lost one of its landing gear wheels on takeoff from an Italian airport. The aircraft continued safely to its destination with no one being injured. Read More →
NEWS Sep 12, 2022 PHOTOS: Learjet Overruns Runway in San Diego A Learjet 36 overran the runway at San Diego's naval air station. Two people onboard received minor injuries. The aircraft was under contract for the navy. Read More →