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INFORMATIONAL Nov 10, 2023 The World's Best Airport Lounges With airlines transporting millions of passengers annually, they have invested millions into showing their luxuriousness and sleek styles. From Frankfurt to Istanbul, airlines worldwide have unique styles with bars, spas, and cigar lounges. Let's look at the top 5 best lounges around this sphere we call Earth. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 31, 2023 Experiencing Tokyo Narita Airport's Oxygen Lounge Tokyo's Narita International Airport has added a concept called an Oxygen Bar to their repertoire. While the concept may not be new, it will certainly give passengers a relief from tension they experience before, during, or after the flight. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Sep 29, 2023 The Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounge Access In an age of stricter access requirements and seemingly endless lounge options, finding the right space for you at an airport can be daunting. This article seeks to break down the confusing world of airline lounges and make it easier for you to find comfort before you flight. Read More →
NEWS Sep 14, 2023 United Opens Largest Airport Lounge in the United States, and United's Largest Lounge in the World United now claims the largest airport lounge in the United States when their Concourse B United Club opened its doors to passengers yesterday. The lounge features three stories and 600 seats, alongside local artwork, food, and drink. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 26, 2023 From Baggage Allowance to Lounge Access: Your Flight Benefits with British Airways If you ever had questions regarding your flight benefits on an upcoming British Airways flight, here is a one-stop guide to your baggage allowance, lounge access, and Executive Club benefits all in preparation for your next BA trip. Read More →
NEWS Sep 02, 2022 American Airlines to Eliminate Flagship First Class American Airlines, one of the last major western airlines to fly a true first class cabin, is finally pulling the plug. In the coming years, planes currently flying with "Flagship First" will be retrofitted with brand new cabins. Read More →
NEWS Apr 01, 2022 Charlotte Airport Opens New Club Lounge A new "Club Lounge" has opened at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, providing guests with fancy amenities in a sleek, modern facility. These lounges continue to appear in airports across the United States, with many new lounge announcements planned. Read More →
NEWS Dec 07, 2021 Breaking Down Capital One's New Lounge and Credit Card Capital One has made major changes this year in terms of its presence in the aviation industry, two of which are sure to satisfy travelers. This article breaks down the new Venture X Credit Card and provides a glimpse into their new lounge offering. Read More →
NEWS Oct 20, 2021 United Opens New Polaris Lounge at Dulles Airport Yesterday, United Airlines opened their brand-new Polaris lounge, allowing premium international passengers to enjoy one more step of their journey. This new lounge features a private a la carte dining room, a library, as well as a bar area that will serve United's most popular item: the Polaris Burger. Read More →
NEWS Sep 14, 2021 American Airlines to Open Flagship Lounges to Anyone ... For a Fee For some traveling aboard American Airlines, the travel experience just got a whole lot better. American Airlines just announced that they will be selling access to their Flagship Lounges, a move that enables general passengers to enjoy the enhanced ground product. However, access to the lounge will come with a high price tag. Read More →