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From Baggage Allowance to Lounge Access: Your Flight Benefits with British Airways

From Baggage Allowance to Lounge Access: Your Flight Benefits with British Airways


Britain's flag carrier, British Airways, has been for decades one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to connecting Britain with the world. One of the busiest travel corridors lies between the United States and Europe, and British Airways holds one of the highest revenue routes on record: London to New York.


The likelihood is that, at some point, one will find themselves traveling with British Airways (BA) along this well-frequented corridor. Therefore, it is certainly helpful to have a one-stop guide to your benefits if a BA trip is expected. 


Please note that this article does not contain information regarding the services offered onboard in each cabin. (All information correct at time of writing)


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British Airways Baggage Allowance


British Airways has developed several levels of allowance depending on the passenger ticket type. Options range from hand baggage only in Economy, to three pieces at 32kg (or 70lbs) in First. These benefits can also be reflected depending on your Executive Club status. This will be a separate section, so scroll down to learn more about your Executive Club benefits.




ECONOMY BASIC (Euro Traveller and World Traveller)


Most routes flown in Economy, whether short- or long-haul, will have an option for Economy Basic. This will allow you to bring a cabin bag and a personal bag, such as a handbag or backpack. The cabin bag must be 56 x 45 x 25cm (22 x 18 x 10in). Your personal bag must be 40 x 30 x 15cm (16 x 12 x 6in). Both items must be small enough to lift into the overhead locker. If your personal bag can fit under the seat in front of you, you are good to go.


Note: Passengers will have to pay a checked bag fee per flight if they would like to add a bag. Prices vary depending on the route. This may not work out to be your cheapest option, so if you plan to check a bag, consider Economy Standard.


ECONOMY STANDARD (Euro Traveller and World Traveller)


As well as your cabin bag and a personal bag, Economy Standard allows one checked bag at a maximum weight of 23kg (51 lbs) per passenger. Baggage fees apply for extra pieces with prices varying depending on the route.




PREMIUM ECONOMY (World Traveller Plus)


As well as a more premium cabin, World Traveller Plus allows two checked bags at a maximum weight of 23kg (51 lbs) per bag. Note that World Traveller Plus is not available on short-haul flights. Extra baggage fees apply.


BUSINESS (Club Europe and Club World)


Club Europe and Club World allow two checked bags at a maximum weight of 32kg (70 lbs) per passenger. This includes both short-haul and long-haul flights. Extra baggage fees apply.


FIRST (First)


British Airways First allows three checked bags at a maximum weight of 32kg (70 lbs) per passenger. Note that First is not available on short-haul flights and may not be available on all long-haul routes. Extra baggage fees apply.


Have questions about baggage allowance and checked bag fees on your British Airways flight? Head to BA's handy Baggage Allowance Tool to see accurate prices and policies.


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Lounge Access


Access to British Airways and partner airline lounges varies depending on the cabin and Executive Club status. This list will break down access based on the cabin class, assuming no Executive Club status. If you would like to see your lounge access for your status, scroll down to the Executive Club benefits.




ECONOMY (Euro Traveller and World Traveller) - no lounge access.


PREMIUM ECONOMY (World Traveller Plus) - no lounge access.


BUSINESS (Club Europe and Club World) - access to Club Galleries lounges at London Heathrow Terminal 5, and other British Airways lounges worldwide.


FIRST (First) - access to the British Airways Concorde Room at London Heathrow Terminal 5 and JFK, as well as the British Airways First Class lounge. The Concorde Room is available only to those ticketed First passengers whilst the First Class lounge is available to Gold Executive Club members or higher regardless of travel cabin.


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Executive Club Benefits


If you are a frequent British Airways or OneWorld partner flyer, consider joining the Executive Club. Outlined below are the benefits based on tier status, and you will be pleased to know that the equivalent status benefits are honored across the OneWorld alliance.


BLUE (No OneWorld Equivalent)


Blue is the lowest tier available in the Executive Club. Members are able to earn Avios (miles) and tier points on all bookings and will have a higher priority than non-members on standby or reservation waitlists.


BRONZE (OneWorld Ruby)


Bronze status is attained at 300 tier points and at least two eligible flights in one year. Benefits include a dedicated check-in area and access to the business class check-in line, priority boarding (group 3 of 9), and free seat selection seven days prior to departure. All of these benefits are granted regardless of the cabin you are traveling in. Members will collect 25% bonus Avios on each booking and can expect priority over Blue members on standby flights. There is no lounge access based solely on Bronze status.




SILVER (OneWorld Sapphire)


Silver status is attained at 600 tier points and at least four eligible flights in a year. Members can expect to earn 50% bonus Avios on each booking, and free seat selection at the time of booking. Benefits include access to business class check-in and business class lounges worldwide regardless of the cabin. Two checked bags at 32kg (70lbs) are included on all trips (except Basic tickets) for everyone on the booking, so long as you are also traveling. You can also expect priority boarding on all flights (group 2 of 9).


GOLD (OneWorld Emerald)


Gold is attained at 1500 tier points and at least four eligible flights in a year. Members will earn 100% bonus Avios with free seat selection at the time of booking. Speed through the airport with access to first-class check-in, first-class lounges (with one guest), and additional baggage allowances. Everyone on your booking will have an allowance of 32kg (70lbs) and the addition of an extra checked bag (apart from Basic fares) so long as you are also traveling.




Those Gold members who earn even more tier points in a year can expect some very valuable rewards from the airline. These can include complimentary upgrades, an invitation to the Concorde Room, and additional Executive Club cards that you may gift to anybody of your choosing.


Have questions regarding the specifics of your Executive Club status? Head to BA's webpage on Tiers and Benefits to review your perks.

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