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United Opens Largest Airport Lounge in the United States, and United's Largest Lounge in the World

United Opens Largest Airport Lounge in the United States, and United's Largest Lounge in the World


Yesterday, United Airlines opened its new revamped Concourse B club in Denver (DEN), which is officially the largest club in the world. The new 35,000 square foot B Concourse United Club offers many new touches, including a bar with what the airline calls “beer flight boards” to taste 10 seasonal, premium local craft beers. 


Photo: United Airlines


The Club contains three separate levels (previously was one before the revamp) and 600 total seats. As with all United Clubs, the airline aims to pay homage to the airport’s local culture, of which beer plays a big role in shaping Colorado. Additionally, the aesthetic of the lounge aims to replicate the urbanity of Denver, with concrete flooring and exposed ceilings. 




There is also a variety of Denver-sourced artwork featured in the Club, such as photography, paintings, sculptures, and murals. The entryway to the lunge features a Will Schlough-made, Colorado Blue Spruce-esque, sculpture. Denver artists Jaime Molina and Pedro Barrios also have a mural featured, which tells the story of Denver with geometric street art. Furthermore, the Club bar contains five Vesta Boards displaying personalized messages and menu offerings—alongside a mural by visual artist Charlo Garcia Walterbach. Food items available in the lounge include oatmeal, Colorado honey, green chili, Denver omelet-inspired frittatas, and Colorado Club Sandwiches. Food offerings are seasonal, locally inspired, and rotate frequently.


On the other hand, the Concourse A United Club that opened last month was designed with a ski resort aesthetic in mind, paying homage to a completely different aspect of Colorado that gives the state international acclaim—something United seeks to obtain with its statement lounges. Both lounges will offer free WiFi, self-scan entry gates, and private wellness rooms.


Photo: United Airlines


A third updated United Club will open in two years at Denver, bringing the total square footage of United Club space in Denver to 100,000+. The airline notes in its press release that the opening of these new clubs falls in line with the launch of United’s new club concept, United Club Fly, which allows connecting passengers to quickly grab food and drink items from a Club location and go to their gate.


"The new United Club locations are designed and operated to reflect feedback from our customers and match the way their travel has evolved in recent years," said Alexander Dorow, United's Head of Clubs & Lounges. Dorow goes on to say that United is growing their “hub in the Mile High City, and the expansion and renovation of United Club locations represents [their] commitment to Colorado and [their] customers' experience."




The opening of the Clubs is part of United’s investment of nearly $1 billion to further improve the customer experience in Denver. Earlier this year, United announced new non-stop flights to six destinations including four without competition, in addition to infrastructure upgrades such as 12 new gates across concourses A and B.


Lounge Access Eligibility


Thinking of visiting the lounge? Make sure you are eligible first. United has four classifications for eligible lounge-goers: Premium cabin passengers, Star Alliance Gold members, United Club members, and special exceptions. As for the premium cabin passengers, customers booked in United Polaris, United business (on international and premium transcontinental flights), business on a Star Alliance airline, or first class on a Star Alliance airline can access a United Club.


Photo: United Airlines


If you possess a valid Star Alliance Gold membership card and are flying internationally on a Star Alliance partner, you are eligible to access the lounge. Passengers may also purchase a United Club membership to access, or use a one-day pass. If you are an active duty military member, possess an Air Canada Maple Leaf Club membership, or are a Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer member flying internationally, you are also eligible to access the lounge.

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