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INFORMATIONAL Feb 03, 2024 Which Airports Offer Nonstop Flights to All Six Inhabited Continents? Air travel has enhanced global connectivity over the past several decades. Journeys that would have once taken weeks or months to complete now only take hours. Not even a decade ago, very few airports offered nonstop flights to all six inhabited continents. Today, that number has increased thanks to advancements in aircraft technology. Read More →
NEWS Feb 02, 2024 Athens Airport Raises €785 Million in IPO Amid High Passenger Traffic, Including New Flights From Chicago Athens International Airport (AIA) completed its initial public offering (IPO) on January 25, raising a staggering €785 million ($848 million) in a landmark deal. This impressive sum surpasses initial expectations and marks the biggest listing on the Greek stock exchange since 2000, signifying a significant vote of confidence in the airport's future and the broader Greek tourism industry. Read More →
NEWS Jan 30, 2024 Investigation Reveals Details About Near-Miss Involving American and Delta Planes at New York-JFK Additional details have been revealed behind the heart-stopping runway incursion in January 2023 at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). On January 29, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) opened its investigation docket, illustrating how close an American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER and Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-900ER came to tragedy. Read More →
NEWS Jan 30, 2024 Dulles Airport Showcases Lego Replica Built by DC-Based Enthusiast Over Nine Months Creativity is abundant in Washington, D.C., and one man has proven this with his Lego creations. Richard Paules, a self-taught "part-time Lego masterbuilder," created a Lego replica of Dulles International Airport (IAD) over nine months. The airport recognized Paules' talent and decided to display his Lego replica in the terminal it aims to replicate. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 22, 2024 Why Do Passengers Always Board From the Left Side of an Aircraft? Boarding on an aircraft's left side is commonplace, and it is expected that the reasoning behind it is almost an afterthought. Whether a jetbridge is used or a staircase, or regardless of which door is used on the plane, passengers have universally boarded planes on the plane's left side. There are multiple reasons behind the lack of events involving passengers boarding on the plane's right side. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 08, 2024 Could Air Traffic Control Be the Next Job to Be Taken Over by AI? Air traffic controller shortages and longer hours have made the job increasingly demanding for those who go into the profession. The situation is becoming more pronounced but is not particularly global. There have been calls for, and possibly a need for, air traffic control to be phased into a system of artificial intelligence in the future to safeguard the aviation industry's safety. Read More →
NEWS Dec 27, 2023 Woman with Loaded Gun Stopped by TSA at Washington-Reagan Airport Washington's Reagan National Airport (DCA) has seen multiple incidents regarding travelers carrying guns through the airport. On Christmas Eve, the latest addition to this frighteningly increasing number involved a woman attempting to bring a loaded handgun through TSA. Read More →
NEWS Dec 11, 2023 OPINION: The Air Traffic Controller Crisis is Real in America The aviation industry is enormously complex and requires the skilled labor of thousands of professionals each day to function smoothly. A major sector, though, is facing a pile-up of potentially catastrophic challenges that could threaten the stability of the industry into the future. Read More →
STORIES Dec 10, 2023 How This Nigerian Scammer Sold a Fake Airport for $242 Million In our hyper-computerized society, scammers proliferate nearly every part of modern commerce and the internet. Before the advent of mass access to the internet nearly 30 years ago, one of the biggest scams in history went down. This story is a wild adventure and a cautionary tale involving a Nigerian and Brazilian banker, a fake airport, and two countries. This is how a Nigerian banker sold a fake airport to Brazil. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Dec 07, 2023 Top 10 Best US Airports for International Travel in 2024 The U.S. has strong demand for international travel due to its large immigrant population and many of its cities' importance to the global economy. However, some airports simply offer better international connectivity than others. We will look deeper into why John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Miami International Airport (MIA), and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) are the best U.S. airports for international travelers. Read More →