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INFORMATIONAL May 22, 2024 How Flight Trackers Make Flying Safer Integrating biometric validation, facial recognition, automated visa processing, ticketing, and boarding, coupled with ADS-B and ASDE-X, has evolved aviation security, ensuring a safe and secure travel experience. Read More →
NEWS May 15, 2024 Onboard Emirates' New Airbus A350 Emirates is entering a new era as its first Airbus A350 prepares to enter service in September of this year. As the time draws near for Emirates' new A350, let's explore what the plane offers. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 13, 2024 Why Does an Airport's Name Matter? If you want to market a product well, various factors must be considered such as the product name. This principle applies to airports as well. There are multiple factors behind why entities choose to name airports the way they do, most notably, the decision of what to name an airport. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 10, 2024 The Secret Language of Air Traffic Control And How To Understand It. A quick look at some of the most common phrases used in air traffic control communications and what they mean. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 08, 2024 Smoking in the Sky Smoking in some places was allowed on airplanes until the early-2000s. Legislation and rules now prohibit it, which can land you with harsh legal action if caught. What rules against smoking exist in 2024? Read More →
NEWS May 01, 2024 Emirates CEO Apologizes Following Operational Disaster In April of 2024, unprecedented floods in Dubai wreaked havoc on all aspects of the city. This disruptive weather unleashed a massive blow on the city as it dealt with the heaviest rain in 75 years. Emirates, Dubai's hometown carrier and the Middle East's largest airline suffered a huge blow as it struggled to properly accommodate large numbers of passengers following a large swath of disruptions ranging from weather to airspace closures. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 30, 2024 Osaka Kansai: The Airport Sinking Into the Sea Climate change, particularly rising sea levels, has placed one of the world's most unique airports at risk. Today, we will examine the case of Kansai Airport, how it is gradually sinking into the sea, and what engineers are doing to fix it. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 22, 2024 The World's Top 5 Most Breathtaking Airport Designs Airports are more than just places for planes to land and take off; they serve as ambassadors of the communities they serve. In many cases, they provide the first impression of a city or country to passengers passing through. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 20, 2024 These 5 Tiny Countries Don't Have Any Airports There are multiple nations around the world that are almost impossible to fly into. Although some offer heliports, none of the listed have any airports to access their nations. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 08, 2024 The World's Best Airports for Food and Drink In April 2024, Food & Wine released its annual rankings for which airport boasts the best dining and drink options. As the passenger experience consists of far more than just a plane ticket itself, the website ranked the food and drink options as critical components to the enjoyment of air travel. Read More →