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NEWS Aug 17, 2023 LATAM Pilot Dies Mid-Flight A LATAM Airlines pilot suffered a medical emergency mid-flight between Miami and Santiago, forcing a diversion to Panama City. Unfortunately, the pilot passed away following the emergency landing. Read More →
NEWS Jul 18, 2023 Emergency Slide Falls From United Airlines Aircraft Near O'Hare On July 17, an emergency slide fell from a United Airlines Boeing 767 aircraft into a backyard near Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD). When the Boeing 767 safely landed at the airport, maintenance workers noticed the aircraft missed an emergency evacuation slide. Read More →
NEWS Dec 24, 2022 Southwest Airlines Declares State of Operational Emergency at Denver Airport The recent winter storm has hit Southwest Airlines hard at Denver International Airport (DEN). Beginning at 1:45 pm Mountain Time on December 21, 2022, and extending until further notice, the Vice President of Ground Operations, Chris Johnson, declared a State of Operational Emergency. Read More →
NEWS Oct 25, 2022 INCIDENT: United 737 MAX-8 Tire Failure Halts Airport Operations at Fort Myers A United 737 MAX-8 suffered two flat tires on landing at Fort Myers Southwest Florida International Airport on Wednesday, October 19. The airport was shut down for around 8 hours to inspect for FOD. Read More →
NEWS Oct 22, 2022 Aeroflot Boeing 777 Makes Emergency Landing Following Bomb Threat On October 14, an Aeroflot Boeing 777-300ER conducted an emergency landing in Delhi due to a bomb threat. Read More →
NEWS Oct 13, 2022 Suspicious Odor Causes American Airlines Flight to Divert American Airlines Flight 338 makes an emergency landing at Miami International Airport, due to a suspicious smell Read More →
NEWS Jul 04, 2021 Boeing 737 Cargo Flight Ditches in Pacific Ocean Transair Boeing 737 ditches in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii. Read More →
NEWS Mar 13, 2021 AA MAX Declares Engine Emergency American Airlines flight AA2555 declares emergency due to an engine issue, safely lands. Read More →
NEWS Mar 12, 2021 Batik Air A320 Lands With Nose Gear Turned 90 Degrees After 16 years a similar incident unfolds with Batik Air where an a320 lands with sideways gear Read More →
NEWS Feb 21, 2021 More Information on the UA772 Engine Failure United UA328, a 777-200 from Denver to Honolulu, the engine fails after takeoff, scatters debris over Denver homes. Read More →