MONDAY JUN 17, 2024
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NEWS Heathrow Receives Approval to Build Third Runway The UK's Supreme court has given the approval for a third runway at London's Heathrow Airport. The approval comes after a great amount of controversy surrounding the new runway, which had previously been put on pause by the United Kingdom's Court of Appeals. This decision has now been overturned by the nation's Supreme Court. Read More →
NEWS United Airlines Announces Plan to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine United Airlines has announced a plan to distribute COVID-19 vaccines on behalf of Pfizer. How will they distribute them? Read this article to learn more. Read More →
NEWS Delta Retires Entire 777 Fleet Today, Delta Airlines is set to retire the 777 aircraft from their fleet. The final flight will be from JFK to LAX. Read More →
NEWS United Offers Rapid Tests for Transatlantic Flights United Airlines recently announced it would begin offering a free transatlantic COVID-19 testing program for travelers headed from Newark to London-Heathrow. The testing program is set to begin on November 16 and last four weeks, until December 11. Read More →
ROUTES Spirit Airlines Announces New Flights To Orange County Spirit Airlines has announced new flights to Orange County, otherwise known as John Wayne Airport, according to a press release. Among its new destinations include Oakland and Los Angeles. Read More →
NEWS EVA Air Changes Order of Boeing 787-10s to 777Fs and 787-9s Many airlines have been forced to defer aircraft deliveries for the year. Recently, rumors circulated about negotiations for its Boeing 787-10 order. While rumors came about deferrals and cancellations, EVA Air has finally confirmed that it will convert its order of 7 Boeing 787-10's to 3 Boeing 777F's and 4 Boeing 787-9's. Read More →
NEWS United to Permanently Waive Change Fees and Introduce Complimentary Same-Day Standby United Airlines has announced that they will be removing change fees for domestic flights effective immediately. Additionally, United customers will have the ability to fly standby for free on same-day routes beginning January 1 of next year. This will make United Airlines the first U.S. legacy airline to enact these change fee policies. Read More →
NEWS American to Lay Off 19,000 Employees American Airlines intends to lay off 19,000 employees by October 1st, unless airlines are given financial assistance from Congress. Read More →
NEWS Embraer Delays Launch of E175-E2 Until 2023 Embraer has delayed the launch of its E175-E2 until 2023. Click to read more. Read More →
NEWS Icelandair Fires all Flight Attendants, Replaces Them With Pilots Icelandair fired all of its flight attendants after negotiations between the Airline and the cabin crew failed. Read More →