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Category: Trip reports
TRIP REPORTS Nov 04, 2021 My 'Interesting' Experience Flying VivaAerobus to Mexico VivaAerobus is a Mexican Low Cost Carrier but what is it really like internationally? I flew round trip between Chicago and Mexico City to find out. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Nov 03, 2021 Flying United in 2021: 737-900ER from San Francisco to Chicago United's 737-900ER is decent for a medium-distance flight. I review and analyze my experience flying on the aircraft from SFO to ORD on my recent trip. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Oct 23, 2021 Flying with Wideroe Airlines, a Norwegian Regional Carrier Join me as I fly with Wideroe to a small town in Western Norway! Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Sep 21, 2021 Which Regional Airline is Best in the West? Comparison of Horizon Air and United Express In this article, I describe my experience flying on Horizon Air and United Express on my recent trip to Eugene. I compare and contrast the two products as well as provide a verdict as to which is better. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Sep 08, 2021 Flying to Venice and Barcelona with SAS and Vueling Join me as I travel to Venice and Barcelona with SAS and Vueling! Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Aug 03, 2021 Flying Southwest's 737-800 in 2021 A flight review of my flight from Oakland to Seattle. I sat in a unique seat and experienced what Southwest is like in 2021, and certainly noticed differences in Southwest today compared to two years ago. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Jul 26, 2021 Onboard Flyr, the World's Newest Airline Join me as I try the new Norwegian airline, Flyr! Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Jul 19, 2021 Delta One on the 757 vs 767: A Comparison I recently flew Delta One on both the 757-200 and 767-300ER and had drastically different experiences. In this article, I compare both flights and look at the factors that swayed my opinion. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS May 12, 2021 Onboard United's New JFK Service Flying aboard United's new JFK service three times over the course of two weeks. Here's what I thought about the experience. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Apr 27, 2021 Flying with Qatar Airways During COVID (Part 2) Join me on my return flight from Dubai to Oslo via Doha aboard Qatar Airways! Read More →