MONDAY FEB 26, 2024
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Tag: Covid-19
NEWS Embraer Delays Launch of E175-E2 Until 2023 Embraer has delayed the launch of its E175-E2 until 2023. Click to read more. Read More →
NEWS Washington Dulles Airport to Close Runway 1R/19L Until September Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some airports have took this opportunity to help renovate or grow their airport facilities.  Washington Dulles International Airport will close their Runway 1R/19L according to the FAA until September 3, 2020. Read More →
NEWS Icelandair Fires all Flight Attendants, Replaces Them With Pilots Icelandair fired all of its flight attendants after negotiations between the Airline and the cabin crew failed. Read More →
NEWS Breaking News: British Airways Retires 747 British Airways will retire its 747 fleet, according to an internal memo. Click to read more. Read More →
NEWS Emirates Flies A380 For First Time in 4 Months Emirates flew its A380 for the first time on two flights on July 15. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mexico's Interjet Thrown Lifeline With $150 Million Investment Mexico's Interjet had been bound to fail despite the disastrous effects the Coronavirus had on Mexican (and worldwide) aviation. However, in these trying times for the airline, an investment group has thrown the failing low-cost carrier a lifeline in the form of a $150 million investment, in order to make Interjet "the most important airline in Mexico." Will the plans of these investors be realized, or do you think Interjet will eventually go under? Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Flying on the Delta MD-90 A trip report of a flight on Delta's MD-90. Read More →
NEWS Jetblue Announces LAX Expansion, Ends Operation at LGB Jetblue has announced a massive LAX expansion along with the end of its LGB operation. Click for an in-depth analysis. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Canada's Government has Failed Canadian Airlines Airlines around the world are struggling due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Despite making record-breaking profits over the last few years, these last few months have been extremely difficult. Airlines are losing millions of dollars a day, prompting governments around the world to step in financially and keep airlines flying. Canada, though, has not. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS What It's like to Fly During A Global Pandemic A brief article on what it's like to fly on Southwest during a Pandemic Read More →