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NEWS Jan 11, 2024 British Airways Pilot Kidnapped and Tortured Outside Supermarket During Stopover in Johannesburg A British Airways pilot was kidnapped and tortured by a large group of criminals during a stopover in Johannesburg on January 10. The pilot was "shaken" by the attack after being forced to give up "thousands and thousands" of pounds to the attackers in exchange for his release. This is not the first time in recent months that a British Airways employee was attacked during a stopover in Johannesburg. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 11, 2024 A380F: Could There Be an Airbus A380 Freighter Variant? As many older-generation passenger aircraft retire and get replaced by newer jets, a popular post-retirement move is converting these planes into freighters. The industry has witnessed this scenario with the Airbus A330, Boeing 767, and the 747, with the latter being specially designed with freighter conversion in mind. However, as the era of quad jets slowly concludes, many wonder if the Airbus A380 will ever see the possibility of freighter conversion. Read More →
NEWS Jan 09, 2024 Air India Business Class Passenger Disgusted By Smelly Onboard Experience on Flight Business class is widely regarded as offering a superior onboard experience to economy. This was not the case on an Air India flight from Mumbai (BOM) to Singapore (SIN) that operated on January 7. A man documented his experience in business class onboard one of the two flights, and it turned out opposite than expected. A female passenger removed her shoes and placed her bare feet on the man's armrest. The man, who was asleep until the incident occurred, was woken up by the woman's toenails touching his arm and a foul smell. Read More →
STORIES Jan 04, 2024 Pilots Who Didn't Pay Attention Overshot Their Destination by Over 150 Miles: Northwest Airlines Flight 188 On October 21, 2009, one of the strangest aviation incidents occurred. A regularly scheduled Airbus A320 flight on Northwest Airlines Flight 188 landed over one hour late at Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP), after flying from San Diego. However, the delay was not caused by a mechanical problem or weather. The plane landed late simply because the pilots forgot to land the plane. Read More →
NEWS Jan 04, 2024 Man Dies After Climbing into Delta A220 Engine in Salt Lake City On New Year's Day, a man was found dead inside the engine of a Delta Air Lines A220 as the aircraft was awaiting de-icing at Salt Lake City International Airport. It is believed that Enfiger somehow breached an emergency exit door after clearing TSA at the airport. He then made his way onto the apron and climbed into the engine of a Delta aircraft. Enfiger was found unconscious in the engine 20 minutes later. Read More →
NEWS Jan 02, 2024 Japan Airlines A350 Catches Fire on Runway at Tokyo Haneda Airport, Killing Five A Japan Airlines Airbus A350-900 aircraft caught on fire after landing on a runway at Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) on January 2. The A350 had flames inside that were seen coming out of the plane's windows and below the aircraft. The plane collided with an aircraft from the Japan Coast Guard that was on the runway at the same time. All 379 passengers and crew onboard were safely evacuated, with no deaths or life-threatening injuries reported. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 01, 2024 Children in the Cockpit: The Crash of Aeroflot Flight 593 The idea of having children visit the cockpit of an aircraft raises few eyebrows nowadays due to the assumption that the plane is not in flight and the pilots, who are not occupied with controlling the plane, have allowed the visit. The narrative understandably changes when the scenario changes to the aircraft being in flight. Having children or any otherwise unauthorized individual visiting the cockpit during this time is a risky endeavor. Such a scenario was present in the tragic case of Aeroflot Flight 593. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Dec 30, 2023 The Obscure A340-200 and How to Fly On It The Airbus A340 is arguably one of the most recognizable aircraft in the skies. Its triple-bogey landing gear and four engines give the aircraft family unique characteristics. However, the first A340s entered service at approximately the same time as more fuel-efficient, twin-jet widebody aircraft. As a result, only 380 A340s were built in total. Only 28 of those are A340-200s, and only two of those remain in semi-regular passenger service. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Dec 30, 2023 This New Airbus Project Could Mark the End for Pilots Inspired by the dragonfly, Airbus introduced the DragonFly aircraft, utilizing biomimicry to revolutionize flight safety and emergency operations. Airbus envisions a future where the size, shape, and characteristics of commercial aircraft differ radically from current models, and projects like DragonFly are pivotal in expanding the industry's research horizons. Read More →
ROUTES Dec 26, 2023 Direct Flights Between the US and Romania Will Soon Return After a 14-Year Absence HiSky, a Moldovan-Romanian low-cost airline, has announced plans to launch its first-ever trans-Atlantic route to New York JFK. This announcement comes shortly after HiSky received permission from the United States Department of Transportation to launch flights to the country. Read More →