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INFORMATIONAL May 01, 2024 How Emirates Makes the A380 Work The Airbus A380 has not been the financial success that Airbus hoped it would be. Many airlines have retired their A380s and others consistently consider doing so. However, Emirates is the clear exception in this case, so how does Emirates make the A380 work to its benefit? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 18, 2024 Is the Airbus A380 the World's Safest Plane? In the nearly two decades of A380 operations, the superjumbo has never suffered a fatal accident. Why is this and does that make it the world's safest aircraft? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 16, 2024 3D Printed Aircraft Might Fly Sooner Than You Think The aviation industry constantly searches for new ways to innovate their manufacturing processes. With the rise of 3D printing, how can 3d printing be integrated into aircraft. Can we see fully 3D printed aircraft flying anytime soon? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 16, 2024 Top 5 Flight Training Programs Offered by Aviation Universities in 2024 Are you interested in attending university to become a pilot? Phillip Richardson weighs the pros and cons of attending some of the best aviation universities in the United States. Read More →
STORIES Apr 10, 2024 The A320's First Passenger Flight Ended Horribly: The Crash of Air France Flight 296Q Air France flight AF296Q was a chartered demonstration flight for the then brand-new Airbus A320. However, things did not go as planned on the day of the flight. The captain's perspective differs from the official report on how the aircraft crashed that day. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 09, 2024 Modern Trends in Airplane Design Explore the latest innovations shaping airplane design, from lightweight materials to sustainable propulsion systems. Discover the future of aviation! Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 08, 2024 Airbus' ZEROe Program: The Race to Hydrogen-Powered Flight by 2035 The aviation industry's impact on the environment is undeniable. While it connects people and cultures across the globe, its reliance on fossil fuels contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 06, 2024 A Guide to the Most Common Commercial Aircraft (and How to Identify Them) With so many commercial airplanes flying in today's skies, it can be difficult to tell them apart, especially when first getting into the hobby. However, it becomes easier to tell aircraft apart by paying attention to the number of engines, aircraft size and shape, landing gear design, and more. Read More →
ROUTES Apr 04, 2024 The World's Longest Domestic Flight: 21 Hours on an Airbus A350 Although it does not operate as a nonstop flight, Air France‚Äôs direct Paris to Papeete service clocks in at around 21 to 22 hours, with a stop in Los Angeles. It is one of the many airlines that operates the second leg of the journey from Los Angeles to Papeete. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 02, 2024 Pilot Shortage: What Does This Mean for Air Travel? It is a well-known fact that the aviation industry is experiencing a pilot shortage. Just how bad is it, and how does the shortage affect you? Read More →