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INFORMATIONAL Oct 26, 2023 Airplane Windows are Round Because This Plane Kept Crashing Oval windows are commonplace in modern aviation, but why do engineers prefer them? The history dates back to the failure of the de Havilland Comet, which employed square windows that would prove to be fatal. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Aug 06, 2023 The Best Universities to Study Aerospace Engineering in 2023 Dive into this comprehensive guide by Phil Collins of EssayService to 2023’s top colleges for aerospace engineering. Start your journey to a successful aerospace career today! Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Aug 04, 2023 Why You Should Consider a Career in Aerospace Dive into the thrilling world of aerospace! Discover why students should consider this dynamic and impactful career path. Read More →
NEWS Apr 04, 2023 ATR to Ramp Up Production in 2023 ATR is poised for growth in 2023 after three challenging years due to COVID and a complex economic and geopolitical environment. Despite industry-wide supply chain issues, ATR delivered 25 new and 11 pre-owned aircraft in 2022. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Aug 25, 2022 The Anatomy of an Aerospace Engine Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Aug 11, 2022 How Does an Aircraft APU Work? Modern airplanes are outfitted with auxiliary power units (APUs) to meet the aircraft's large energy requirements while the engines are not running. This self-contained unit represents a constant-speed gas turbine engine located in the airplane's tail cone which is isolated in a titanium fireproof compartment from the rest of the aircraft. But how does it work? Read More →