TUESDAY SEP 26, 2023
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NEWS Sep 17, 2023 TSA Agents Caught Allegedly Stealing From Bags in Miami Three TSA agents that were arrested in July 2023 have admitted to stealing up to $1000 a day from passengers at a security checkpoint in Miami. This comes as there is a decrease in confidence and trust in the TSA after many passengers have come forward claiming that similar cases have happened to them after passing through TSA checkpoints. Read More →
NEWS Aug 10, 2023 Passenger Uses Trashed Ticket, CLEAR Kiosk to Sneak Past Security Airport security has always been notorious for being strict. However, security program CLEAR has recently come under fire when two passengers somehow passed through its checkpoints without proper identification. Read More →
NEWS Apr 28, 2023 TSA Agents Seize Handguns at Washington-Dulles Airport On Sunday, April 23, and Monday, April 24, TSA security officers stopped two men on two different occasions with guns from boarding flights. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 26, 2023 TSA PreCheck vs CLEAR: Which is Better? Travelers at airports often regard security as a big nuisance, as they have to wait for upwards of an hour at a time to get bags screened. Domestic U.S. airports in the last few years have introduced new ways of making this process faster, notably through programs like TSA PreCheck and CLEAR. These are in the realm of "Trusted Traveler Programs," where a traveler establishes their permanent credentials ahead of time so queuing at the airport is reduced. Read More →
NEWS Dec 06, 2022 REAL ID Requirement Date Pushed Back Once Again The deadline to obtain a REAL ID in order to fly is being pushed back to 2025. This follows a string of earlier postponements dating back to 2008. Read More →
NEWS Aug 30, 2022 San Diego Airport Sees Delays, Fuel Spills, and Security Breach in One Week A major California Airport sees back-to-back days of delays and backups after both a security breach and a fuel spill. Read More →
NEWS Woman Attempts to Run Through Security at Pittsburgh Airport On August 19, a woman attempted to run through the TSA checkpoint at Pittsburgh Airport. The woman, identified as Brandi L Bayley, threw water at a TSA agent who had asked for her boarding pass. Read More →
NEWS TSA Screeners in San Jose test positive for COVID-19 3 TSA screeners at Mineta San Jose International Airport have tested positive for COVID-19 Read More →
NEWS Trans States Airlines To Terminate Services Trans States Airlines will terminate service. Click to see an in-depth analysis. Read More →