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NEWS Nov 28, 2023 Qantas' Airbus A220 Livery Features a Story Through Aboriginal Art Qantas has revealed its inaugural Airbus A220 aircraft, featuring a captivating Aboriginal-inspired livery. Set to join QantasLink, its regional subsidiary, the aircraft was showcased at an Airbus facility ahead of its anticipated arrival in Australia. This aircraft showcases the Aboriginal artwork of senior Pitjantjatjara artist Maringka Baker, narrating the 'dreaming story of two sisters who traverse remote Australia together, covering vast distances to find their way home,' as outlined in a statement from the airline. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jul 18, 2023 The World's Longest Nonstop Flights and the Future of Ultra-Long-Haul Travel Technological advances have allowed airlines to operate ultra-long-haul flights between far-flung destinations. This article looks at the world's ten longest nonstop flights that are regularly offered. The list continues to evolve as airlines look to compete against each other for the "prize" of having the world's longest flight. Read More →
NEWS Jun 18, 2023 Qantas Reveals New Luxurious Cabin Design for Future A350 Aircraft The renowned Australian airline Qantas has revealed the complete cabin design for its specially crafted Airbus A350s. It will operate direct flights between Sydney, New York, and London starting in late 2025. Read More →
ROUTES Aug 24, 2022 Qantas to Launch Fifth Longest Route in the World: Auckland to New York On Thursday, Qantas Airways announced its return to New York's JFK, unveiling a new route from Sydney to New York via Auckland. The route will compete directly with its Trans-Oceanic neighbor, Air New Zealand. Read More →
NEWS Apr 28, 2021 Hope for Australian Aviation A dissection of the recent Qantas press release. Read More →
ROUTES Regional Express To Launch Expansion In Australia In 2021. Regional Express will launch an expansion to compete with Qantas and take advantage of a weak Virgin Atlantic. How will it execute? Read more to find out. Read More →