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TRIP REPORTS Jan 08, 2024 5 African and Middle Eastern Cities You Must Visit in 2024 There are many great places to explore in Africa and the Middle East. While I wish to travel all of them, here is a list of my top favorite destinations I've enjoyed experiencing. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Dec 28, 2023 The English Premier League: Why do Sports Jerseys Have Airlines Written on Them? The influence of Middle Eastern entities in the English Premier League (EPL) has become a prominent feature of English football over the past two decades. These entities include airlines, with football fans often knowing which airline sponsors their favorite team since they appear prominently on jerseys and in stadiums. Airlines from the UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia now sponsor famous teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United. Read More →
NEWS Nov 25, 2023 GPS Spoofing: Why are Planes Getting Hacked in the Middle East? In a recent development that has raised alarms among aviation experts, dozens of commercial airliners flying over parts of the Middle East have reported experiencing GPS spoofing attacks in recent months. These attacks involve the transmission of false GPS signals, effectively tricking aircraft navigation systems into believing they are in a different location than their actual position. Read More →
NEWS Nov 13, 2023 Royal Jordanian Orders Four Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, CEO Discusses Airline's Future Royal Jordanian ordered four additional Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft on the first day of the Dubai Airshow on November 13. This order adds to another purchase for two Dreamliners made earlier this year. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Nov 07, 2023 A Deeper Look at Saudia's Plans for Religious and Leisure Tourism Saudia has announced several expansion initiatives in recent weeks. Saudi Arabia's state-owned flag carrier plans to expand its operations in anticipation of large tourism demand in the coming years. Saudi Arabia aims to attract 150 million annual visitors by 2030 as part of its Vision 2030 plan to diversify its economy. The country seeks to reduce its reliance on oil and gas by developing other sectors, including tourism and aviation. Read More →
NEWS Oct 18, 2023 Lebanese Aviation Affected as Middle East Tensions Rise The current situation in the Middle East has understandably had a major effect on the aviation industry. Lebanon is the latest country to be affected as escalating tensions have led to various preventative actions being taken by local and international entities. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 09, 2023 Analyzing Airline Operations in War-Torn Countries: Libya and Yemen We live in a time when countries all over the world are engulfed in some sort of conflict. War, in particular, has devastated various nations. Based on that information, it makes one wonder: How do flight operations continue in war-torn countries? Read More →
NEWS Oct 04, 2023 Saudia Unveils New Livery and Branding Saudia, previously known as Saudi Arabian Airlines, unveiled its new livery and branding. Previously thought to be a series of retro paint schemes, the Saudi national carrier has confirmed its rebrand that signals the beginning of a new era for the airline. Read More →
NEWS Jun 30, 2023 Delta Air Lines and El Al to Launch Strategic Partnership Delta Air Lines and Israel's national carrier El Al have announced a strategic partnership that will offer better connections for passengers flying between the U.S. and Israel. Read More →
NEWS Jun 10, 2023 Israel Hosts Aviation Conference in Tel Aviv, Discusses El Al's Future Israel hosted an aviation conference in Tel Aviv where aviation representatives discussed the industry's future. El Al also celebrated its 75th anniversary and shared its future plans, including the possibility of new flights to Arab countries depending on the political environment. Read More →