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NEWS Sep 12, 2023 American Airlines Fined $4.1 million in Breach of USDOT Rules Major US-based carrier American Airlines has been fined 4.1 million US Dollars by the United States Department of Transportation. Read More →
NEWS Aug 18, 2023 Hundreds of Flights Cancelled and Thousands Affected as Typhoon Lan Leaves Japan Due to Typhoon Lan, Central Japan Railway Co. has been forced to shut down many of its services, forcing many to shelter in place. Thousands have been affected, some injured, and many in incredibly uncomfortable positions. Read More →
NEWS Aug 01, 2023 VIDEO: Beijing Airport Floods Due to Typhoon Doksuri, Flights Canceled Beijing Daxing International Airport was flooded by Typhoon Doksuri, which led to heavy rainfall in Beijing. This led to flight cancellations and some flights being redirected to other airports. Read More →
NEWS Jul 26, 2023 Extreme Heat Forces Airlines to Adjust Passenger and Fuel Loads Climate change has wreaked havoc on the aviation industry this summer, and extreme heat is only becoming more of an issue for airlines and passengers. How will extreme heat affect your flight? This article will explain. Read More →
NEWS Jul 22, 2023 Australia's Most Punctual Airline Achieves 10th Month on the Podium Qantas has achieved 10 consecutive months of being on time, effectively making it the carrier with the best arrival time. On top of this, Qantas is also redesigning baggage and check-in infrastructure to allow for a more efficient and time-saving boarding process. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jul 14, 2023 Ever Been Bumped Off an Oversold Flight? Here's Why and What You Can Do About It Airlines oversell flights all the time, but will you be affected? What drives airlines to sell more seats than offered on a plane? Know your rights, the compensation you are entitled to, and more in this one-stop guide. Read More →
NEWS Jul 11, 2023 Traveling with easyJet From Gatwick This Summer? Prepare for Delays and Cancellations easyJet has canceled 1,700 flights from July to September after dealing with weeks of last-minute cancellations of flights to and from London Gatwick Airport (LGW). The UK's largest budget airline is trying to fix its schedule and reduce flight cancellations when passengers are already at the gate waiting for their flight. Read More →
NEWS Jul 03, 2023 United Giving up to 30,000 Frequent Flyer Miles to Customers Affected by Disruptions United Airlines experienced one of the toughest operational stretches in its history last week, and customers suffered the brunt of the issues with delayed and canceled flights for several days straight. Fortunately, United is now proactively offering hundreds worth of travel credit in MileagePlus miles to those hit the hardest. Read More →
NEWS Jun 26, 2023 East Coast Experiences Delays Due to ATC Outage, Weather The weekend of Sunday June 23 to 25 was a chaotic one for both passengers and pilots flying into and out of the East coast of the United States. Thunderstorms have hindered flight operations all throughout the weekend. On Sunday, the Washington D.C. TRACON went down, furthering the chaos and stress of an already bad weekend. Read More →
NEWS Jun 23, 2023 United Enhances Mobile App, New Features Seek to Improve Customer Experience United Airlines announced several new features to its mobile app. The new features aim to simplify traveling with United by saving customers time and reducing stress while flying. Read More →