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ROUTES Apr 13, 2024 The Longest Flights Between Europe and Asia Analyzing the longest flights in the world can be eye-opening as sometimes you will learn about routes you never knew existed. We've been publishing quite a few articles on the world's longest flights, and today, we will focus on the longest routes between Europe and Asia. This "Top Ten" list will not only include nonstop flights but direct flight options as well. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 18, 2024 This Boeing 747 Was Purposely Crashed for a Movie Stunt An example of the intersection between film and aviation involves the 2020 film¬†Tenet.¬†The movie's directors purchased a Boeing 747 to blow up during filming. Read More →
NEWS Jan 06, 2024 Cathay Pacific's Rocky Runway: Pilot Shortage Threatens Hong Kong's Aviation Industry Hong Kong's flagship carrier, Cathay Pacific, has faced turbulence over the holiday season, canceling over 80 flights since Christmas Eve. This has sparked concerns among passengers about potential disruptions and raised questions about underlying issues within the airline. Read More →
NEWS Oct 06, 2022 Virgin Atlantic Ends Historic 30-Year Route between Hong Kong and London Virgin Atlantic announced the end of a historic 30-year route from Hong Kong to London's Heathrow International Airport, citing a lack of passenger demand and increased operating costs from Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Read More →
NEWS May 04, 2021 Bubble Between Singapore, Hong Kong Set to Launch in May Singapore and Hong Kong set to begin air travel bubble on 26th May 2021. Read More →
NEWS Mar 15, 2021 Cathay Pacific Reports Their Largest Loss Ever The annual report was released 3 days ago with a report of 21.6 billion Hong Kong Dollars(2.78 billion USD) lost in the year od 2020. The main cost is due to the low demand for air travel during covid and losses on fuel hedging. Read More →
NEWS Feb 09, 2021 Cathay Pacific Ends Mask Mandate for Select Passengers In an internal memo sent to Cathay Pacific staff members, the airline announced to its workers that there would be times that select passengers could remove their masks during flight. Read More →