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ROUTES Apr 13, 2024 The Longest Flights Between Europe and Asia Analyzing the longest flights in the world can be eye-opening as sometimes you will learn about routes you never knew existed. We've been publishing quite a few articles on the world's longest flights, and today, we will focus on the longest routes between Europe and Asia. This "Top Ten" list will not only include nonstop flights but direct flight options as well. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Nov 17, 2023 The World's Five Worst Mid-air Collisions Mid-air collisions are exceptionally rare but present some of the most horrifying crashes in history. There is almost no possibility for survival, given the high rate of speed and altitude these crashes typically occur. This article recaps the five worst mid-air collisions based on fatalities. Read More →
NEWS Oct 07, 2023 Flights Cancelled as Attacks Continue in Israel A new conflict has broken out between Israeli and Palestinian forces in Israel, forcing commercial aviation to come to a screeching halt in Israel. Ben Gurion Airport is currently the only airport still operating, with Israeli Airlines the only carriers permitted to fly out of the country. Read More →
NEWS Aug 09, 2023 British Airways A380 Flies for 10.5 Hours to Nowhere The political situation in Niger has deteriorated to such a point that it's now affecting aviation. On August 6, Niger's junta government closed the countries airspace, forcing numerous flights to divert around the nation's airspace. Two British Airways flights were forced to return to their starting points after hours in the air due to the airspace closure. Read More →
NEWS Jul 26, 2023 Iberia Joins British, Qatar Airways in Massive Airline Partnership Iberia plans to join an existing partnership between Qatar Airways and British Airways to improve global connectivity. This will make one of the world's largest airline partnerships — which already covers more than 60 countries — even larger. Read More →
NEWS Jul 26, 2023 Catering Issue Prompts British Airways to Serve KFC Onboard On a recent long-haul flight, class divisions disappeared as flight attendants onboard a British Airways flight were forced to serve food from the fast-food chain "Kentucky Fried Chicken" (KFC) due to an apparent catering issue that occurred immediately before the flight. Read More →
NEWS Apr 30, 2023 London Gatwick Refreshes and Rebrands Marking the Next Phase of Growth London Gatwick has revealed a new brand identity and renewed vision that underscores its continued recovery from the pandemic, establishes a foundation for the airport's future growth, and offers significant economic potential for the area. Read More →
NEWS Assorted News from the Aviation Industry, November 2020 This article aims to summarize various shorter (but still important) stories at this time. IATA Suggests Vaccine Requirement for Future International Travel. 747 in Storage Bursts into Flame on Apron. Mass Air Travel Still Comes with Thanksgiving Day. Read More →
NEWS Breaking News: British Airways Retires 747 British Airways will retire its 747 fleet, according to an internal memo. Click to read more. Read More →
NEWS British Airways Under Fire Due to New Employment Policies British Airways is now under fire for the way it wants to approach employment during Covid-19, which includes firing around 12,000 employees and downgrading the terms and conditions of other employees. Read More →