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Over 1,200 Pratt & Whitney Engines Recalled For Inspection

Over 1,200 Pratt & Whitney Engines Recalled For Inspection


Pratt & Whitney announced that over 1,200 of its engines would need to be recalled, returned, and inspected for mechanical flaws threatening the engine's integrity and proper working function.


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This week, the CEO of Pratt & Whitney revealed that hundreds of its PW1100G engines will need to be returned and inspected for microscopic cracks that would inhibit the engine from performing its normal function safely and efficiently. The recall was issued due to a "rare condition" in the powdered metal used to produce some of the engines' high-pressure turbine disks.




Due to the important function of the turbine, over 1,200 engines have been recalled and will need to be inspected over the course of the next year. Two hundred have been slated for inspection prior to the end of summer, while the other 1000 will need to be inspected by September 2024.


The manufacturer quickly reassured airlines that the current production remains unaffected by the recall and that only engines manufactured between 2015 and mid-2021 are at risk for microscopic damages. 

The engine is most commonly found on the Airbus A320neo and A321neo. The popular aircraft is used by airlines worldwide, and the recall of its engines poses obvious disruptions to airlines right in the middle of the busy summer travel season.


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The CEO of Pratt & Whitney's parent company, RTX, acknowledged the impact this recall would have on airlines and reiterated it was an essential recall due to safety concerns. 


IndiGO and Volaris Airlines are believed to be most affected by the recall, but they are not the only ones affected. Major Pratt and Whiney customers Delta Airlines and JetBlue Airways are also believed to be significantly impacted, and both airlines have already indicated they are investigating the matter as it relates to the operational safety of their aircraft. 




In response to the recall, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also issued a statement, saying, "The FAA is aware of the issue and is in contact with Pratt and Whitney and the affected US operators. The agency will ensure that the appropriate steps are taken". 


To minimize problems for airlines worldwide, Pratt & Whitney will increase capacity in the manufacturer's 13 global maintenance facilities. It will also keep several new engines on hand to be used as spares if damage is found in any of the recalled engines.


Photo: Peter Lam | AeroXplorer


This week's announcement marks another issue in a challenging time for Pratt & Whitney. The manufacturer has been struggling to keep up with patience and production demands. This most recent recall stretches the manufacturer even thinner as they struggle to address further maintenance issues. 




In response to this week's news, RTX's share prices tumbled by more than 11% on July 25th. The company is also expecting to take a big financial hit of around $500 million due to the recall. 


On the other hand, the PW1100G's problems will likely cause airlines to take a financial hit as well, as carriers around the globe battle already prevalent aircraft shortages. Pulling more aircraft out of service due to possibly faulty engines will only worsen such problems. 



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JJ in OB Although 1200 engines need to be inspected, estimates are that ~1% of engines will need to have parts replaced.
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