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NEWS Jul 27, 2023 Over 1,200 Pratt & Whitney Engines Recalled For Inspection Prat and Whitney announced that hundreds of its engines would need to be recalled, returned, and inspected for mechanical flaws threatening the engine's integrity and proper working function. Read More →
NEWS Jun 19, 2023 Raytheon Technologies Announces Next Steps in Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Testing Raytheon Technologies (RTX) kicked off this year's Paris Airshow announcing a significant milestone in its pursuit for widespread sustainable aviation. The company has finally completed a rated power test of its one-megawatt (1MW) electric motor intended to be fitted to Raytheon's De Havilland Dash 8-100 demonstrator as part of its hybrid-electric project. Read More →
NEWS May 04, 2023 India's Go First Fleet Grounded for Over 17,000 Days, Blames Pratt India's budget airline Go First has filed for bankruptcy and suspended flights due to technical issues Read More →