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INFORMATIONAL May 20, 2024 G5 Geomagnetic Storm May Affect Aviation Communication, Navigation A severe geomagnetic storm may interrupt GPS satellites, power grids, and mobile phone networks this weekend. It is the result of a series of solar flares that began on Wednesday May 8 and is expected to have its maximum effect on May 10-11. This is the first such solar storm to over in nearly 20 years. Read More →
STORIES May 17, 2024 How Caitlin Clark Got The WNBA Private Planes Caitlin Clark's arrival into the WNBA was highly anticipated, but who would've thought that it would lead to private planes and a CBA opt-out? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 08, 2024 Smoking in the Sky Smoking in some places was allowed on airplanes until the early-2000s. Legislation and rules now prohibit it, which can land you with harsh legal action if caught. What rules against smoking exist in 2024? Read More →
NEWS May 03, 2024 Big Changes Coming to Airports in the Big Apple Like elsewhere in the US, New York is spending big on modernizing its airport infrastructure. New changes are coming to major airports in the NYC area to the tune of billions, upgrading terminals and departure halls amongst other projects. Read More →
STORIES May 01, 2024 Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead After Testifying Against Company A Boeing whistleblower was found dead in an apparent suicide in a parking lot in South Carolina. The whistleblower, John Barnett, was in an ongoing legal case against Boeing for a 2017 complaint against the aerospace giant. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 26, 2024 Easter Island: The World's Loneliest Airport? While most places are generally accessible, some are so remote and desolate that they can only be reached by air or sea. This is the case with Easter Island, a Chilean territory in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Read More →
NEWS Mar 12, 2024 Aer Lingus Crew Hospitalized After Possible Toxic Fumes on Flight EI166 Several Aer Lingus crew members on flight EI166 had reportedly been exposed to Toxic Fumes which forced the flight to make an emergency diversion back to Dublin. The crew members were hospitalized and are receiving treatment for potential fume inhalation. Read More →
NEWS Mar 02, 2024 As Pressure Mounts, Boeing May be Forced to Purchase its Fuselage Supplier Spirit AeroSystems In the spotlight to improve its safety, Boeing is in discussions to acquire Spirit AeroSystems Inc., to reclaim control of its challenged former aerostructures unit and the main supplier that makes the bodies of the troubled 737 MAX planes. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 09, 2023 Analyzing Airline Operations in War-Torn Countries: Libya and Yemen We live in a time when countries all over the world are engulfed in some sort of conflict. War, in particular, has devastated various nations. Based on that information, it makes one wonder: How do flight operations continue in war-torn countries? Read More →
NEWS Sep 07, 2023 Biman Bangladesh Eyes Risky U.S. Resumption Biman Bangladesh Airlines has recently outlined plans to resume service to the United States. With a modern fleet of aircraft, the carrier is eyeing its return to the States after 17 years. Read More →