TUESDAY DEC 05, 2023
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STORIES Dec 02, 2023 A Competition With Dallas and Houston: Can Austin Airport Meet the City's Growing Population and Influence? Austin is becoming one of the most important cities in the US due to its rapid population growth and large tech industry. However, Austin lags behind other large US cities in airport infrastructure and international connectivity. Austin currently has a disadvantage over other major tech hubs, and even Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston in Texas, in these two areas. We will look deeper at how Austin is improving its aviation industry for the city to achieve its true potential. Read More →
STORIES Nov 14, 2023 Is Boeing Leading in North Africa? A Deeper Look at Airline Fleets in Morocco and Egypt The 2023 Dubai Airshow was eventful for North Africa's aviation industry. Boeing expanded its presence in the region through orders by Egyptair and Royal Air Maroc. These airlines purchased 18 Boeing 737 MAXs and two 787-9 Dreamliners, respectively. Airbus also sold ten A350-900s to Egyptair. Do this week's events provide Boeing or Airbus with a larger footprint in North Africa? Read More →
STORIES Aug 24, 2023 EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Raúl Revuelta Musalem, CEO of Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico I had the chance to sit down with Raúl Revuelta Musalem, the CEO of Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP), about the aviation industry in Mexico's Baja California state. My discussion with Raúl Revuelta Musalem focused on the aviation industry in Mexico's western state of Baja California. Raúl discussed the importance of Tijuana to the Mexican and broader global economy. Read More →
STORIES Aug 09, 2023 Championing Inclusivity at 30,000 Feet: KLM's Inspiring Initiatives On August 1st 2023, KLM chose to show its inclusivity by supporting the LGBTQ community. The air carrier scheduled two flights emphasizing its ideology, championing both the LGTBQ community and their allies. Read More →
STORIES Aug 02, 2023 Blown Sky-High: The Effects of the Russia and Sudan Conflicts on Aviation Insurance Costs Airlines need insurance for their aircraft to deal with the potential consequences of operating flights. The need for insurance has become more prominent in recent years due to a variety of conflicts around the world, including wars in Ukraine and Sudan. Read More →
STORIES Jul 06, 2023 Why Biman Bangladesh Might be Eyeing the Airbus A350 Biman Bangladesh is an airline whose fleet has gone through a major modernization in recent history with the addition of new Boeing 787s. Rumors had surfaced at the Paris Air Show that Biman was looking to add Airbus A350s to its fleet. Read More →
STORIES Jun 29, 2023 Southwest Airlines: A Unique Perspective Into a Unique Airline Southwest Airlines is quite the unique airline compared to other legacy carriers in the United States. This article will dive into what exactly this airline does to separate itself from others and attract millions of customers. Read More →
STORIES Jun 19, 2023 China Could Become the World's Largest Aviation Market Following C919 Release, Experts Say According to expert Philip Meyers, China's COMAC C919 may become a huge competitor between the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing. However, China still has some roadblocks to break through. Read More →
STORIES Jun 02, 2023 Exclusive: Interview with Scott Lewis, President of World Energy Supply Zero I had the chance to sit down and speak with Scott Lewis, the President of WE Supply Zero about the work that World Energy does and the company's plans for the future. World Energy is a 25-year-old company that started in renewable fuels in the late 1990s. The company originally started producing biodiesel and later moved to renewable diesel. Read More →
STORIES Apr 10, 2023 Air Service to Small Towns In Jeopardy While travel and air travel demand has rebounded massively since the pandemic has eased in most places, regional airports have seen major service reductions. Unfortunately, this trend is only getting worse and many small airports could be left with further reduced service if fortunes don't reverse. Read More →