SUNDAY AUG 07, 2022
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NEWS Apr 18, 2022 Airlines Drop Mask Policy After Federal Mandate Is Blocked Following a federal judge's decision to void the federal mask mandate, airlines strike down on their policy. The sudden decision has left many still confused and unsettled about wearing face coverings. Read More →
NEWS Apr 17, 2022 Individual Shoots Themself at Nashville International Airport An individual was injured at Nashville International Airport last Sunday after discharging his weapon in the baggage claim area, sources say. Read More →
NEWS Apr 17, 2022 Jackson Hole Airport to Close Temporarily Beginning April 11 Wyoming's busiest airport is closing to the public for over two months to accommodate a major runway reconstruction project (among other improvement efforts). There are minimal convenient alternatives to using the airport, so the gateway hopes to move quickly and reopen on June 28, 2022. Read More →
NEWS Apr 14, 2022 Condor Reveals New Vacation Inspired Livery On Monday, Frankfurt-based carrier Condor revealed its new vacation-inspired livery at Toulouse on its first Airbus A330neo. This new branding has sparked some very mixed opinions. Read More →
NEWS Apr 06, 2022 De Havilland To Bring DHC-515 To Market De Havilland Aircraft has made progress in its program for a new firefighting aircraft. The advancements this plane will have could save lives in the future. Read More →
NEWS Apr 05, 2022 JetBlue Makes Bid To Acquire Spirit Airlines Just after Frontier announced its plan to purchase Spirit Airlines, JetBlue made an even more generous bid to purchase the ultra-low-cost carrier. This offer has acted as a competitive blow to Frontier Airlines, which was hoping to use consolidation to grow its presence across America. Read More →
NEWS Apr 03, 2022 Mexico City Opens New Airport Mexico City has just opened a new airport. Some object to its distant location and cost, but regardless, the airport is a much needed upgrade for the city. Read More →
NEWS Apr 03, 2022 Delta Flight Diverts After Windshield Cracks Mid-Flight A Delta Airlines flight was forced to divert after a windshield crack. No one was injured and passengers were able to reach Washington later that day. Read More →
NEWS Apr 02, 2022 British Airways Becomes First Carrier to Take Delivery of Commercially Produced SAF in the UK British Airways became the first airline in the world this week to take delivery of SAF produced commercially in the UK. Read More →
NEWS Apr 01, 2022 Charlotte Airport Opens New Club Lounge A new "Club Lounge" has opened at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, providing guests with fancy amenities in a sleek, modern facility. These lounges continue to appear in airports across the United States, with many new lounge announcements planned. Read More →