SUNDAY AUG 07, 2022
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NEWS Feb 07, 2022 Frontier and Spirit Airlines Merge in Deal Valued at Over $6.6Bn This morning, Frontier Airlines announced that they would be merging with Ultra Low-Cost Carrier Spirit Airlines in a merger valued at more than $6.6 billion U.S. Dollars. After this deal, Frontier Airlines will control 51.5% of the merger, with Spirit owning the remaining 48.5%. Read More →
NEWS Feb 06, 2022 Kenya Airways' Debt-Restructuring An update on the Kenyan Airways situation. They are to restructure their debt. Read More →
NEWS Feb 05, 2022 American's Big New Boeing 737 MAX Order American Airlines has announced that it has firmed options for an additional 30 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Deliveries of these 30 additional planes will happen in 2023 and 2024. When delivered complete, the Dallas/Fort Worth-based carrier will have a fleet of 130 MAX aircraft. Read More →
NEWS Feb 04, 2022 Qatar vs Airbus: A Never-Ending Saga This is about the long battle between Qatar and Airbus over the last 6 months. It also goes into the new order for Boeing. Read More →
NEWS Feb 02, 2022 The Indian Rebound: Tata Group Officially Gains Control of Air India In this article, I analyze the history of Air India as well as what led to the recent privatization of the airline, as well as the next steps for the new owners, the Tata Group. Read More →
NEWS Jan 31, 2022 Boeing Recieves Important Order From Qatar Airways Qatar Airways recently ordered over fifty Boeing jets while becoming the launch customer for a new freighter variant to the 777X. This decision comes as animosity between the carrier and Airbus over A350 defects intensifies. Read More →
NEWS Jan 31, 2022 British Airways Announces New Home at JFK Terminal 8 Exciting news about BA and their move to T8 at JFK. From Dec 1, they will share Terminals 7 and 8. Read More →
NEWS Jan 28, 2022 Boom's New Production Facility For Supersonic Planes Boom Supersonic has announced a new contract with the Air Force, as well as its new production facility. Read More →
NEWS Jan 28, 2022 Cirrus Aircraft Reveals 6th Generation SR Series Cirrus Aircraft has released the latest generation of their SR series of aircraft. Read More →
NEWS Jan 26, 2022 US-China Aviation Tensions Inflamed After New Cancellations Announced The United States Department of Transportation is forcing the cancellation of China-bound flights operated by Chinese airlines. The move comes as a result of COVID restrictions applied to US-based flights to China operated by American legacy carriers. Read More →