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INFORMATIONAL Feb 24, 2023 Aviation as a Career Choice: Why it's a Great Option for College Students If you're a college student and you're struggling to find a career path, aviation might be a good option for you. There will be a growing demand for qualified individuals right through the end of this decade meaning qualified pupils will have numerous job prospects upon completing higher education. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 27, 2023 Attending an Aviation University in the US: The Pros and Cons If you have been considering attending an aviation university in the United States, then you know the decision is complex. While it provides you with specialized training and networking opportunities, it is a heavy responsibility. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 01, 2023 AeroXplorer's Most Influential Articles of 2022 AeroXplorer's Most Influential Articles of 2022. Scroll through our list of notable mentions to recap a year of milestones, news, and moments to remember from 2022. Read More →
NEWS Nov 10, 2022 Eviation Alice Achieves Milestone with its First All-Electric Flight Eviation achieves a significant milestone in electric aviation with the first flight of Alice. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 27, 2022 How are Bags Screened Before Flights? Have you ever wondered how your bags are screened before you board a flight? How do Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents know which bags to screen and what to look for? In this article, we will answer those questions and give you a behind-the-scenes look at the screening process! Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 26, 2022 The Difference Between Scramjet and Ramjet Engines Ever wonder how some aircraft are able to reach such mind-boggling speeds? Ramjets and Scramjets are the ones to thank. But what is the difference between the two and a conventional turbojet engine? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 22, 2022 The $100,000 Experience on National Geographic's Private Boeing 757 National Geographic offers a host of luxury excursions around the world, but these itineraries come with a hefty price-tag. What does a $100,000 trip on a leased private Boeing 757 entail? Read More →
NEWS Oct 22, 2022 Aeroflot Boeing 777 Makes Emergency Landing Following Bomb Threat On October 14, an Aeroflot Boeing 777-300ER conducted an emergency landing in Delhi due to a bomb threat. Read More →
NEWS Oct 21, 2022 15 Dead After Russian SU-34 Fighter Crashes into Apartment Complex Fifteen civilians have been announced dead after a crash of an SU-34 fighter in the residential district of the seashore city of Yeysk in Southern Russia. The pilots ejected before the crash. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 16, 2022 The 10 Highest-Paying Air Force Jobs If you are passionate about making a living while serving your country, the Air Force is one of the best industries to consider. Continue reading to learn about jobs in the Air Force. Read More →