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This New Hydroelectric VTOL Aircraft Could Be the Future of Private Air Travel

This New Hydroelectric VTOL Aircraft Could Be the Future of Private Air Travel


In a groundbreaking move towards a sustainable future in aviation, Swiss startup Sirius Aviation AG has unveiled the world's first hydrogen-powered Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft – the Sirius Jet. Crafted in collaboration with BMW's Designworks and Sauber Group, this innovation is poised to reshape the air travel landscape.


Rendering of the Sirius Business Jet | Photo: Sirius Aviation


The Sirius Jet represents a major milestone in sustainable aviation, emphasizing Sirius Aviation AG's unwavering commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and safety. This high-performance VTOL aircraft boasts a zero-emission hydrogen-electric propulsion system, making it a game-changer in the aviation industry.




Blending the aerodynamics of a jet with the versatility of an airplane and helicopter, the Sirius Jet achieves extended flight distances, impressive speeds, and high altitudes while operating at near-silent noise levels. This technological marvel is set to take flight in 2025 in two distinct versions – the Sirius Business Jet and the Sirius Millennium Jet- catering to private and commercial aviation needs.


Another view of the Sirius jet | Photo: Sirius Aviation


Sirius Jet Specifications:


Sirius Business Jet:


  • Zero-emission, hydrogen-powered VTOL business jet.
  • 1,150-mile flight range.
  • Cruise speed of 323 mph.
  • Altitude capability of 30,000 feet.
  • Ultra-quiet noise levels of 60dBa.
  • Accommodates three passengers.


Sirius Millennium Jet:


  • Zero-emission, hydrogen-powered VTOL commercial aircraft.
  • 650-mile flight range.
  • Cruise speed of 323 mph.
  • Altitude capability of 30,000 feet.
  • Sound footprint of 60dBa.
  • Accommodates up to five passengers.


View of the Sirius Business Jet from up close | Photo: Sirius Aviation


Benefits of the Sirius Jet


The Sirius Business Jet, tailored for private jet needs, and the Sirius Millennium Jet, designed for commercial aviation, symbolize a paradigm shift towards environmentally conscious air transportation. With a focus on reducing carbon footprints and embracing green technology, Sirius Aviation AG aims to pave the way for a more sustainable aviation industry.




Furthermore, the partnerships with global leaders such as BMW Group's DesignWorks, Sauber Group, Alfleth Engineering AG, and ALD Group contribute to the aircraft's innovative design and efficient performance. The collaboration leverages expertise from various fields, merging automotive design prowess, Formula 1 excellence, engineering precision, and advanced propulsion technology.


As the aviation industry grapples with the environmental challenges posed by traditional fuel sources, the Sirius Jet emerges as a beacon of change. Its revolutionary approach to harnessing hydrogen power offers extended flight ranges and impressive speeds and positions hydrogen as a key player in the quest for sustainable aviation solutions.


Rendering of the Sirius Millenium Jet | Photo: Sirius Aviation


The upcoming event at Payerne Airport on January 17, 2024, promises the public unveiling of the Sirius Jet and a deeper exploration of the aircraft's technological features. The hydrogen-electric ducted fan propulsion system, set to be revealed during the event, is anticipated to provide a glimpse into the future of propulsion technology, emphasizing the significance of hydrogen as a clean and efficient energy source.


Sirius Aviation AG's commitment to safety is evident in the ultra-quiet noise levels of the Sirius Jet, addressing concerns about noise pollution associated with traditional aircraft. The aircraft's ability to comfortably accommodate passengers while minimizing its environmental impact showcases a balanced approach to aviation innovation.


The Sirius Jet is a leap forward in aviation technology and a commitment to a sustainable and eco-friendly future. As the world looks towards cleaner and greener alternatives, Sirius Aviation AG stands at the forefront, ready to redefine the skies with its hydrogen-powered VTOL aircraft, setting a precedent for a new era in sustainable aviation.




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