SUNDAY MAY 26, 2024
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Tag: British airways
NEWS Breaking News: British Airways Retires 747 British Airways will retire its 747 fleet, according to an internal memo. Click to read more. Read More →
NEWS British Airways Under Fire Due to New Employment Policies British Airways is now under fire for the way it wants to approach employment during Covid-19, which includes firing around 12,000 employees and downgrading the terms and conditions of other employees. Read More →
NEWS British Airways Cuts Jobs Due to Coronavirus Pandemic Resulting from the travel ban in the U.K., British Airways has warned it's workers that they are struggling to survive on a crisis "worse than 9/11" caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Alex Cruz, who is British Airways' chief executive wrote to some 45,000 employees informing them that the airline would be "parking aircraft in a way [they] never have before." Read More →
INFORMATIONAL The Most Family Friendly Airlines of 2020 just released their list of the most Family Friendly Airlines of 2020. Read More →