MONDAY FEB 26, 2024
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NEWS Apr 14, 2023 Ryanair to Power All Flights From Amsterdam with SAF Ryanair, the largest airline in Europe, revealed on April 12 that it had expanded its collaboration with Neste, a leading sustainable aviation fuel supplier, using a 40% SAF blend from April 1. Read More →
NEWS Apr 14, 2023 Boeing Halts 737 MAX Deliveries Amid Supplier Defect Boeing, which recently reported a surge in deliveries of the 737 MAX jet, has announced a significant slowdown in deliveries due to a new defect found in part from supplier Spirit AeroSystems, just a few days after the earlier report. Read More →
NEWS Apr 13, 2023 Malaysia Airlines Exits East Malaysia, Hands Over to Firefly In a strategic move, Malaysia Airlines has ended its intra-east Malaysia operations and transferred them to its sister unit Firefly as part of a route rationalization plan for its domestic network. Read More →
NEWS Apr 13, 2023 Fort Lauderdale Brought to a Halt by Torrential Storms The occurrence of thunderstorms caused the closure of the city's airport and left many travelers stranded. The airport was anticipated to reopen at noon on Thursday following the extreme weather that prompted authorities to issue a rare flash flood emergency. Read More →
ROUTES Apr 12, 2023 JetBlue Announces Flights to Amsterdam JetBlue Announces New Flight Route to Amsterdam, Continuing Its Legacy of Low Fares and Award-Winning Service to Disrupt Transatlantic Air Travel. Read More →
NEWS Apr 12, 2023 Boeing's 737 MAX Returns to Service On 11 Chinese Airlines Boeing's 737 Max has returned to service in China, with 11 domestic carriers using the plane. This is good news for Boeing as it returns the planes after making several safety changes. Read More →
NEWS Apr 11, 2023 Turkish Airlines to Provide Free In-Flight Unlimited Messaging Service Turkish Airlines is set to provide a free and unrestricted messaging service on its international flights with internet access, with the tagline "Enjoy Limitless Messaging." Read More →
NEWS Apr 10, 2023 INCIDENT: Emergency Declared at Dublin Airport as Ryanair 737 Nose Gear Collapses A Ryanair Boeing 737-800 aircraft encountered damage to its nose gear upon landing at Dublin Airport in Ireland. As a result, operations from the airport's south runway were disrupted for a certain period, and a few flights were diverted. Read More →
STORIES Apr 10, 2023 Air Service to Small Towns In Jeopardy While travel and air travel demand has rebounded massively since the pandemic has eased in most places, regional airports have seen major service reductions. Unfortunately, this trend is only getting worse and many small airports could be left with further reduced service if fortunes don't reverse. Read More →
NEWS Apr 10, 2023 Airbus and China Sign Next Phase of Partnership Airbus and China have recently signed an agreement of partnership. This agreement aims to set up a second Final Assembly Line in Tianjin, China, and increase the use of SAFs for a more sustainable future. Read More →