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Attending Coachella? This Airline Offers VIP Jet Flights For Less Than $1K

Attending Coachella? This Airline Offers VIP Jet Flights For Less Than $1K

BY ADAM SCHUPAK Published on April 12, 2024 0 COMMENTS

California-based, semi-private airline Aero has announced a new partnership with an event-based luxury hospitality company called RPProjects. The partnership comes in a bid to offer "semi-private scheduled service" to an airport in the Coachella Valley in California. The announcement comes just two days before the world-famous Coachella Music Festival begins. 



Skipping Traffic to Coachella 


The service, which Aero will operate from its base at Van Nuys Airport (VNY) north of Los Angeles to Indio Thermal Airport (TRM), will be operated for a limited time while the world-famous Coachella Music Festival plays out (no pun intended). The partnership with RPProjects aims to bring travelers to Coachella in the most luxurious and fast way possible.




Thermal Airport lies just 10 minutes from where Coachella is taking place this year, making this new service quite appealing for travelers willing to spend just a bit more money for a premium way to travel. RPProjects provides "luxury lifestyle experiences" for events such as Coachella, and as such, Aero and RPProjects will be offering VIP packages to purchase along with the limited-time Aero flights. 


The flights are scheduled to last around 55 minutes, but travel times will likely be shorter - around 25 to 35 minutes. While short in duration, these exclusive flights appeal to luxury travelers. Starting at just $975 each way and $1,950 roundtrip from Van Nuys (VNY), these Coachella flights had already begun to sell out the day the offering was announced on April 11. 


Photo: Aero


Aero CEO Ben Klein had this to say about the new offering:


"We're thrilled to launch Aero flights to some of the world's largest music, sporting, art, and entertainment events in 2024...Flying Aero means getting to the Airport 20 minutes before your flight and avoiding all the hassles associated with traveling commercially, including long lines, crowds, and baggage claim...Once airborne, our guests enjoy complimentary amenities including Starlink Wi-Fi, in-flight dining, and a premium open bar. Aero guests desire an exceptional travel experience...our average NPS score of 92 is a testament to our attention to detail and level of commitment. It's unlike any other offering on the market."


In his comments, Mr. Klein hinted that Aero, in partnership with RPProjects, may be preparing to launch future services at popular festival destinations and large events in North America. 


Aero: Semi-Private Airline Offering Private Service 


Similar to JSX, Aero Airlines is a "semi-private" airline. However, unlike JSX, which primarily operates Public Charter Jet Services (scheduled flights), Aero mainly operates scheduled flights, but not on a fixed frequency. For example, Aero will operate its Van Nuys (VNY) to San Jose Del Cabo (SJD) route seven times in one month, while the airline will operate the route on 15 occasions the next month. 




Besides not operating flights daily (high frequency), the carrier's amenities set Aero apart from other airlines. The airline operates its flights out of fixed-base operators (FBOs) and private terminals, meaning that passengers do not need to go through security. A passenger on Aero can simply pull up to the terminal 20 minutes before their flight and board the aircraft after checking in. On the ground, the airline offers lounges at its FBOs and private terminals before departure. In the air, the luxuries continue. 



On board an Aero Embraer ERJ-135 aircraft, one can expect luxurious leather seats, meals, a full open bar, free Starlink Wi-Fi, and an attentive host. Everything from the cabin atmosphere, featuring a soothing "state-of-the-art lighting system," to the hand-stitched Italian seats onboard are tailored for passenger comfort. 


On the ground, passengers can use dedicated concierge services before takeoff and after landing. The carrier also charters Bombardier Legacy 600 aircraft with similar, more luxurious features onboard. 


Passengers looking to book flights with Aero to Coachella or the airline's other destinations can do so here



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