FRIDAY JUL 19, 2024
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INFORMATIONAL Jul 19, 2024 The Top Airshows for 2024 To Visit as an Aviation Enthusiast The 2024 Airshow Season is in full swing. Here is a sampling of the diverse events held this summer. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jul 14, 2024 How To Read the Weather Like a Pilot: A Look at Aviation Weather Forecasts How do pilots read weather forecasts? Here's how pilots use METARs and TAFs to get the most accurate and up-to-date weather information and how you can read the weather like a pilot. Read More →
NEWS Jul 09, 2024 Man Urinating in Aircraft Aisle Causes American Airlines Emergency Landing On Wednesday, July 3, American Airlines Flight 3921 departed Chicago O-Hare (ORD) for Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT) in New Hampshire. The roughly three-and-a-half-hour flight departed at 08:27 AM local time and was scheduled to arrive at 11:36 AM Eastern Time.  Read More →
NEWS Jun 13, 2024 The Future of Aviation Regulation: Keeping Pace With Innovation Regulations are an incredibly complex and nuanced topic within aviation. They can prevent the use of new innovations and severely inhibit progress. But by including regulatory officials into the developmental process, regulations can adapt to the new and changing aviation. Read More →
NEWS Jun 07, 2024 Archer Aviation Gets FAA Nod to Begin Commercial Air Taxi Operations Archer Aviation has earned the Part 135 certificate, which means they are close to commercializing air taxi. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 31, 2024 LEVO: Revolutionizing Private Charter Travel with Joe Moeggenberg A new startup is making a big splash in the private jet charter industry. LEVO intends to make chartering private jets easier, but how? Read More →
NEWS May 21, 2024 Australia, New Zealand Evacuate Citizens From New Caledonia By Air The governments of Australia and New Zealand have announced that they will be sending “government” planes to New Caledonia to evacuate their citizens from the French territory following a week of riots. Currently, around 3,200 people are stranded in, or outside of New Caledonia due to suspended flights and air travel into the French territory. Read More →
NEWS May 13, 2024 Air Vanuatu: What Happens When An Airline Goes Bankrupt Recently, Air Vanuatu went bankrupt, canceling all international flights and stranding thousands of passengers. This latest airline bankruptcy brings up the question - What happens after an airline goes bust? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 10, 2024 Pilot Fatigue: Are We Putting Safety At Risk for Efficiency? In the cockpit of an airliner, certain situations force pilots to make split-second decisions that often-times mean the difference between a safe flight and disaster. The ever increasing pressure to push for more flights and higher efficiency in the commercial aviation industry promote pilot fatigue and threaten aviation safety. How can these issues be improved upon so that the skies are safer for all of us? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 20, 2024 The FAA and ICAO: Organizations that Regulate the Skies As aviation has expanded, so has the need for federal and international governance. Organizations like ICAO and FAA were established to control the industry, and keep everyone safe. Read More →