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INFORMATIONAL Apr 16, 2024 Top 5 Flight Training Programs Offered by Aviation Universities in 2024 Are you interested in attending university to become a pilot? Phillip Richardson weighs the pros and cons of attending some of the best aviation universities in the United States. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 10, 2024 Virtual Reality in Aviation Training and Maintenance Different companies are expanding on the flight simulation experience. Although many VR applications exist for VR training for pilots, development in the tech has seen flight crews and ground personnel have different VR training to improve job readiness. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 09, 2024 Professional Training in Aviation: Training of Pilots and Flight Attendants Learn essential strategies and protocols to prevent accidents and emergencies in aviation. Explore rigorous maintenance, pilot training, and emergency response plans. Read More →
NEWS Sep 26, 2023 Ensuring Air Travel Safety: Challenges, Innovations, and Future Perspectives Air travel safety is paramount in the aviation industry. Rigorous training, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous maintenance procedures ensure that passengers and crew can confidently take to the skies, knowing that their journey is in capable hands. The commitment to safety is unwavering, regardless of the issues faced at hand. Read More →
NEWS Jul 31, 2023 Aer Lingus Restarts Pilot Training Program Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus has restarted its pilot training program in order to combat pilot shortages. As the airline expands to new routes, Aer Lingus has chosen to fully sponsor pilots willing to train under their program. Read More →
NEWS Jun 22, 2023 Airbus to Decarbonize Pilot Training with AURA AERO A subsidiary of Airbus and electric aircraft company AURA AERO have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop an all-electric trainer aircraft for Airbus Flight Academy Europe. The program will see the two companies levy their expertise and resources to develop the trainer aircraft, nicknamed INTEGRAL E, by 2030. Read More →
NEWS May 24, 2023 Qantas Begins Construction On New Sydney Flight Training Center Qantas has started construction on a new flight training center in Sydney. The company sees it as essential to meet its future goals, which include launching new routes and delivering new aircraft. Read More →
ROUTES May 01, 2023 Israel's El Al to Launch Flights From Tel Aviv to Fort Lauderdale Florida announced a partnership with Israel's El Al that will see direct flights between Tel Aviv and Fort Lauderdale. El Al will also partner with a Fort Lauderdale-based aviation company on flight training. Read More →
NEWS Feb 23, 2023 Emirates To Build New Training School for A350s and 777Xs Dubai-based airline Emirates is set to construct a training school that will be integral in training pilots for its upcoming 777X and A350 orders. Set to open in 2024, the facility, covering over 60 thousand square feet and containing six full-size flight simulators, will also have classrooms. Read More →
NEWS Apr 20, 2022 American Airlines Resuming Practice Flights for Kids with Autism and Anxiety American Airlines is resuming their popular "It's Okay to Fly American" program after a two year covid-induced hiatus. The autism-targeted program is open to all with special needs and is offered at several airports around the United States. Read More →